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Scams Exposed!
Pro BIG Lies

The Pro Big Lies Scam

Pro+Pills AdThese company has been in the sex business for years and are selling this weak product complete with some of the biggest lies and false advertising in the business. Their ads are a total scam! They claim these pills are doctor approved and will enlarge your penis up to 5 inches in just a few short weeks. This is biologically impossible. It is claims like these that put the owners of Longitude in prison. Incidentally don’t be impressed by the claim that a product is “doctor approved”, this doesn’t mean anything as far as I am concerned. Do you know how many doctors there are in the world? In the United States alone there are over 650,000 doctors. To get one of these doctors to say they approve a product - for some money of course - is not very hard. Some doctors are for sale. Take some third rate doctor, down on his luck, offer him a thousand dollars, and many will endorse anything. It’s sad but true. Their sleazy ads also these pills are for men with a form of “Hypospadias or small penis.” This implies that it is a medicine for men with some sort of disease. Hypospadias is not a small penis, but is a birth defect of the penis that a miniscule percentage of men are born with. It has to be corrected with surgery, and these pills will not do anything for this. Dr. Dimitri Zorken was not found by my private investigators to be a licensed medical doctor in the United States. I don’t know who he is or if he even exists, but I would love to have him prove how these weak pills can make a mans penis 5 inches longer. Just look at the lab report results. The product basically worthless powder. The testimonial in their ad from a man who claims his penis was 4 inches long but is now 8 inches long thanks to these pills is a total fraud.This stuff is a total rip off.

Pro+Pills Lab Tests
Pro+Pills Lab Results
This should not come as much of a shock. The lab reports reveals that this powdered formula that is supposed to create a miracle, is basically worthless powder. Probably rice powder. This is the definition of a scam.This test examined the level of Yohimbine and Icariin (the active component of Horny Goat Weed.) The ND means that None Detected. And this sophisticated test can detect levels as low as 0.10 mg. So there is zero yohimbine and zero horny goat weed in these pills. The label claims there is 100 mg of each ingredient.
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