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Scams Exposed!


This product produced the most shocking lab reports of all the products tested. I was absolutely stunned. The product is a total scam, and should be taken off the market!

The “hook” or “unique marketing angle” with this product is the claim that ecause it is lotion that is applied directly onto your penis, that it works by vasodilating the blood vessels of your penis in seconds, and you can feel itworking instantly because of its active ingredient combination. They call this active ingredient combination “Vasotran Auctum and claim it to be a “patent pending” formula. As you will three independent laboratory tests show this to bea hoax. None of these ingredients could be detected by three separate labs, andadditional reports showed high level of menthol in each serving and menthol is NOT listed as an ingredient in the product!

This “delivery system” they claim is superior to herbal pills. Maxoderm ads evenwarn consumers "Not to be fooled" by herbal pills because studies show as littleas 5% of substances make it to the targeted area when taken orally. The ads even talk about how from an “investment standpoint” natural pills are a bad idea implying that 95% of your investment is wasted. (ironically Frank Barone the CFO of this company, and one of its founders filed for personal bankruptcy just afew years ago in Brooklyn Federal Court, and he is giving investment advise.)

When you do rub Maxoderm on your penis you do feel a burning sensation - it iscaused by the methyl nicitiate and the secretly included menthol that arecontained in the formula. It is practically the same thing as the main ingredient found in pain relieving creams like Ben Gay. Imagine rubbing a little Ben Gay on your penis? How would that feel? That is the trick here. Methyl nicitonate is a vasodilator, just like Ben Gay, but it is also classified as a skin irritant - not exactly what you want on your penis. Interestingly the back of the Maxoderm tube says “this product has not been tested for safety.”

But what is most shocking it that the list of 9 ingredients on the tube include L-arginine and yohimbe two popular pro-sexual nutrients. Well when I sent Maxoderm out to the lab for test it came back that it contained less basically ZERO of these ingredients. I couldn’t believe it so I had it tested again using a tube from a different batch. Again same results. So I then sent it to another lab to see what they would say, and again it showed nothing. Men, this is pure consumer fraud in my book. These guy must think that no one would every test this stuff and discover what it really contains.

Maxoderm can not be used or "worn" while having sex with a woman, because the cream would basically burn her vagina! Can you believe it? So what is the point of this stuff? Some goop to use when you are playing with yourself? They say you can only use it while "self-pleasuring". The guys who came up with this must belaughing their heads off an how they have tricked so many men out of their moneywith "masturbation cream."

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