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Scams Exposed!
Extra BIG Scam!
Extra Ad

What A Scam!

If you believe the false chart in this ad all you have to do is take two Extra tablets a day and in 180 days (six months) your penis will be 3 inches longer and 2 inches wider! This is a total lie. If it were true, believe me I would be the first guy in line!

The company behind Extra is called Global Pharmaceutical Institute. This is a big sounding name for a what is simply a big scam. Maybe they should call themself Global Scam Institute. Look at this fraudulent ad. The chart is 100% fraud. They have it in there to trick you to steal your money, figuring most people are honest and will think “hey it looks like a scientific chart, it must be real.” It is not. If it is, all they have to do is take me up on my Million Dollar Challenge and they will pick up a fast easy million. They don’t even have a website? If they are so big and so legitimate - why don’t they have a website? These days it seems like even shoeshine boys have websites, why not the mega international conglomerate that calls themselves Global Pharmaceutical Institute? They also claim permanent results. It is all one big lie. No pill you take can claim permanent results. This scam won’t make anything bigger except their wallets. Don’t get suckered by this scam.

Extra Lab Tests
Extra Lab Results
I only had Extra tested for L-Arginine. The label claims 750 mg of L-Aginine per serving and the tests show that it has about half of that with 386 mg per serving. It is off by about 50%. But what is really interesting is if you compare these levels with some of the others in the Scam Section. Procylon lab test which showed it contains less than 6 mg of L-Arginine or Maxoderm which was 0 mg L-Arginine or Magna Rx which had about 84 mg, compared to those pills Extra seems like a champion. It is not, it is the best of the worst.

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