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Do these Pills REALLY work?

Haven’t you watched any porn? Of course the good ones do! Guys, cocks are fucking huge these days – way bigger than before. It’s all because of these pills which keep getting stronger and stronger all the time. Just look at me, I’m bigger now than I was in my heyday.

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How big can I get?

I would really cap your size at 11 inches MAX! Do not get any bigger than 11 inches because most women can’t handle anything bigger. Actually, I think the best size is really 9 inches.

How long should I take them?

I take them every day – but then again I’m a professional and I have to keep my cock perfectly tuned – like the engine of a Ferrari. But I would recommend giving it 60 to 90 days and for you to decide.

Are they safe?

Fuck yes – they are all natural and 100% safe.

What do you take?

I take SizeVitrexx very single day. I never miss a day. I also take an amino acid called L-Citrulline. I never miss a day. You can get L-Citrulline at any health food store for like $15 bucks and I take both of them with a tall glass of grapefruit juice and sometimes I switch it up and take them with a glass of orange juice. But grapefruit juice is way better. That’s all I take. I also fuck A LOT!! Got to keep your cock in shape and fucking is like jogging or lifting weights for your cock. If you don’t have a chick – then jack off until you get one…. or two or three or four haha!!!

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Do you do anything else to make your dick bigger?

Other than taking my pills I just fuck. Fucking keeps you cock alive and healthy.

Can you be too old to take them?

No. I’m old as fuck and cock is a thing of beauty! Younger guys cocks will get bigger faster, no question about that, and it does take a little longer when you get older – but it is worth the fucking wait!!!

Can these pills that make your dick longer also delay your orgasm?

No, it’s a total myth. Don’t believe the “one pill does it all” bullshit. Get a product called Dapovar to last longer it works great. But no pill that’s going to make your cock bigger is also going to make you last longer. They work on different pathways in your system.

Lasting longer has to do with serotonin levels in your brain, while making your cock bigger is all about testosterone expanding the chambers of your penis – two different things. So there is not one pill that can make you bigger and make you last longer – it’s a myth.

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How long do they take to work?

You will feel them working right away, but to see your cock getting bigger – which is all I care about – for your cock getting longer and wider, 47 -67 days seems to been the zone most guys fall into when they see “real” change.

Some will be under 47 days, and some will take 100 days – depends on your body chemistry to some degree. Plus, older guys – over 50 – it will take you a little longer to get bigger!

But you will notice you get way fucking harder, way faster. It’s because young guys are already hard, older guys aren’t as hard, but with a good pill you older guys will get hard faster!

Any advice on how to shoot a bigger load?

Take vitamin E. Get it at the store and load up – take like 3 times the Recommend Daily Allowance and in about 7-10 days you will be shooting HUGE and I mean HUGE porn star type loads! The kind of loads I have shot on some of the most beautiful faces in the world!!! Vitamin E is all you need.

I heard with a bigger dick you come quicker because you have more area on your dick to get stimulated, so you come quicker?

That’s retarded. Total bullshit.

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I have tried other pills before and they didn’t do much for me. I’m skeptical to try another pill and think they are a bunch of bull shit? Any thoughts?

Pussy! Don’t be a quitter. That’s like saying you went to dinner at a restaurant and the food sucked, so now you are never going to go to any restaurant again. If you tried pills that didn’t work you should be THANKING ME BIG TIME!! I’m the only one in the industry with the knowledge and the BALLS to give you the straight shit on this stuff. Tons of my porn star brothers are mad at me for spilling the beans on our secret – but I don’t care. So get some good pills, I told you about the 5 best pills in the world on this site that will make your cock massive – so don’t be a pussy – go get a huge cock and bang some hot dirty sluts, and forget about the crap you tried before.

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Are there any negatives to these pills?

Yeah – it gets hard to decide who your gonna fuck!! Once you have a big cock and start banging some girls, these little whores will tell their friends how big your cock is and then guess what – these little “friends” will hit on you. Girls talk, so one girl tells another girl and she tells another girl and so on – you’ll see. You think I’m kidding but you are going to have to learn how to bull shit these chicks because they will all want to fuck you, and you will have to learn how to juggle them. You are on your own on that one!! Remember this, and you’ll think of it in 6 months or a year, or some day – just remember I never said it was going to be easy dealing with the BS that comes with having a giant cock – but it sure is a fucking fun problem to have!!!

Isn’t it kind of like cheating to use these pills?

What are you a Boy Scout? How is it cheating? You see some hot chick with huge tits do you look at her and say – “look at the fucking cheater, she should have average tits?” Or do you look at her and say, “man would I like to fuck that hot bitch with the big sexy tits?” Remember it’s all science! You are not cheating. You would be stupid not to take advantage of the new developments in science. That’s like not taking a pill for a headache when you have a headache. You’re not cheating, you’re making yourself happy and the women you fuck are going to love you!!

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How will I feel when I use these pills?

Like a fucking billionaire!! Or like Lebron James winning the NBA championship or like you just won the lottery or won the Super Bowl. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, especially when you are with a new girl and she reaches to put her hand in your jeans for the first time and you know she is about to grab the biggest fucking cock she has ever seen – that is the single greatest feeling in the fucking world!! Nothing is better than seeing her face when she sees your monster for the first time – you will even see a look of fear in her eyes when she sees it for the first time.

What would you do if you had a 5-inch dick? How would you make it bigger?

If I had a 5-inch dick – well if it were 10 years ago I probably would have cried! But now that there are these advancements in science and pills, you can see it’s simple what to do. Buy some SizeVitrexx, get some L-Citrulline, and before you know it your dick will be fucking huge like everyone else taking them. Simple. Game over.

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Are there any side effects to these pills or any negatives?

The only thing I have noticed all the top pills have in common is that they smell like a skunks asshole. Seriously, some of this is nasty smelling shit. Maybe not as bad as I say, but pretty stinky stuff. You’ll see the first time you open a bottle – smells like dirty laundry or some crap. Just take the pills and put the fucking lid back on tight!!

The only other negative is that they can be expensive for some guys. I know not everyone has Donald Trumps wallet but I’m telling you if there is ONE THING on the planet to spend money one (that’s assuming you have money for food and you family and stuff) it is dick pills. Even if it takes you awhile to save up to buy the stuff – do it! Every guy alive should know how great it feels to have a huge cock – that’s why I’m telling everyone my secrets to what works and what doesn’t. You will never get honest advice like this from anyone. No one else has the knowledge I have on this subject, so learn from what I know and make your cock huge and have a great life!!

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