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Learn Why Penis Size Has Dramatically Increased In The Past 20 Years.

“That handsome guy you see to the left was me in 1979. I was the number one porn star in the world. I am in the Guinness Book of World Records for appearing in more adult films than any other person ever! I did well over 2,000 movies.

Well, back in 1979 and the 1980’s and most of the 1990’s I was widely considered to have one of the 3 largest penises in the world. There were a few other guys like John Holmes, Harry Reams and Peter North who were also considered to be large. But Johnny and I were pretty much on top. In the over 2,000 films I did, and I did movies all around the world, I never met anyone who had a larger dick than me until around the mid 1990’s. But now today, in 2019 there are hundreds and even thousands of guys who have bigger dicks than me. How is that possible I wondered? Let me Explain:

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“Check out my buddies Peter North and Harry Reams.
Their dicks are big by today’s standards.

Back in the 1980’s they were HUGE! But by today’s standards, what I call the Era of the MONSTER DICK. Guys like Peter, Harry and me are no longer King of the Hill – not even close. So why? How? People aren’t getting taller? Arms are not getting longer? Foot size hasn’t increased in the average guy – yet penis size has exploded.

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“We Are Witnessing The Dawn Of The Monster Dick Era
Guys like this are becoming the norm not the excpetion.

Pictured above are just 5 examples of guys from 2019 and their super big penises. Look at these things – HUGE! And these guys are not alone. This is not some abnormality or fluke. Go around the Internet. Look at all the home made porno’s, walk into any locker room around the world and you will most likely see and notice there are a TON of giant cocks out there. I still have one and the great news is that any man reading this can now get one too. The answer lies in science. Check out some other examples of how science has shattered records and changed the norm in a number of different areas.

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“Science & Steroids Cause Home Run Records to be Shattered!

For years the record for the number of home runs in baseball was 60 by Babe Ruth or 61 by Roger Maris depending on how you look at it. This record stood for decades with no one even coming close. Then along comes Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds in the late 1990’s and they smash these records! McGwire hits 73 and Bonds hits 77. Bonds also breaks the all time home run records held for over three decades by Hank Aaron. How did they do it? Well we now all know they did it with steroids. They used science as a weapon – and it worked. They’re a couple of tools for cheating like that and it's not fair to Aaron and Ruth and all the other guys who played fair – but the point I am making is that Science, Steroids and other enhancement supplements, natural hormone precursors and drugs made it all possible.

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“7 Tour De France Titles Thanks to Science, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements and Blood Cycling.

Cycling douche bag Lance Armstrong was recently exposed as a fraud. We all know what was suspected for years that his real secret wasn’t extra talent, wasn’t extra hard work it was simply EXTRA good drug doctors! Armstrong was a master at getting the best drugs and beating the system. Tons of athletes have used science and steroids to gain an advantage in their sports. Just look at Olympic sprinters and weight lifters. All broke records – but it was illegal. The great news about using science to make your dick bigger is 100% legal.

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“Today’s Science Solution – Perfect Teeth

It wasn’t too long ago that if you had messed up teeth there wasn’t much you could do about it. Many people in the 1970’s and 1980’s were taking a pill for the flu called Tetracycline and one of the side effects was that it made many people's teeth grey and ugly like the photo. Sadly for years there was no solution until science came up with the answer in the form of veneers. Given time science can solve many, many problems. Wherever there is a strong consumer need and money to be made by filling that consumer need, you can bet your last dollar that there are scientists and researchers sitting in rooms around the world trying to solve those problems. Believe me if it were cool to have giant hands – science would figure out a way to make your hands big. It’s nice to have white straight teeth – it sucks to have Tetracycline teeth – so science to the rescue.”

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My favorite scientist of all time is the guy who invented silicone tits! They are safe, not insanely expensive and they make flat chested girls sexy and beautiful! My eyes and my dick thank this doctor. Actually he’s my second favorite inventor – my favorite – and should be yours too – is the person who invented the pills to make our dicks longer. Even I was forced to use them starting in the 1990’s to keep my junk up to snuff and now I'm bigger than ever.

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Look at Hall of Fame Linebacker Dick Butkus. He was considered the biggest, strongest, toughest linebacker in football history. But look at today’s athletes. Look how much bigger and stronger they are. Think of Ray Lewis compared to Butkus. How about how much faster players are today. All sports have seen records broken constantly and it's all because of science and training. You can get more strength out of a vile of steroids than you can get in 5 months of intense training. I am not promoting steroids in any way – in fact I’m anti steroids. Guys can also get strong with supplements, as many of the players are forced to use since the steroid testing in professional sports is getting so much better. Top supplements aren’t as good as steroids when it comes to making you stronger, but they do work, some amazingly well – and there are no side effects like your balls shrinking to the size of snow peas, and your dick not working. Trust me, I know plenty of guys who took steroids and they wish they never did.

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“Science and Supplements Changed Everything.

Science has now made it possible for every man alive, no matter young or very old to increase the size of his penis. Starting in the early 1990’s pills started to appear and over time, now going on 20 years, the pills and compounds have gotten so much better it’s SCARY! I remember back in the 1980’s especially guys were going in to have penis surgery to make their dicks longer and wider. Talk about SCARY! The number one penis enlargement surgeon in the world was based here in Los Angeles and I got to know him quite well. Nice man. Private guy. But the problem with penis surgery

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was that it hurt, it often didn’t work and would fuck a guy’s penis up for life, and it was like $15,000 to $25,000. And that’s $15,000 to $25,000 in 1980’ s money, it would be so much more expensive today. But this doctor made a fortune! An absolute fortune. But today you don’t see any ads for penis surgery. They have been put out of business because the top pills –and I say top pills because the lousy pills don’t do dick – but the top pills basically put these doctors out of business.

“Why get surgery and pay a fortune and only add one inch even if it's successful when you can get on a pill program for like $100 and be TRANSORMED with a new penis and NO KNIFE! ”

Make sure you check out my Pill Reviews Section where I rate and analyze pills to let you know what works and what doesn’t. The key to getting a bigger penis is science. No question. It’s not can they work or do they work – they do – the proof is all over the Internet, all over the world. And while there is not just one pill or system that works there are many and they are getting better all the time. Next year's pills will probably be better than this years pills and in 5 years they might have a pill to add 5 inches in one hour – who knows. And the price is not $15,000. But you should plan on spending $100 - $200 for a good pill program. Now I know that might not sound cheap to some of you guys, so if $100-$200 is going to keep you from feeding your family - please don’t buy them. Wait until you have the money because they are not going anywhere and your penis isn’t going anywhere, but if you have the money – it’s a great time to be a man!!

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Nobel Prize Winner Plays Key Role in Penis Enhancement

I might not be a scientist, and although I do have my masters in education from Hunter College in New York City, it is not difficult to understand the basic theories behind how the science of enlarging penis size with natural compounds works. There are a number of different factors that play a role scientifically, however there are just three basic concepts that are at the center for all top flight penis enlargement pills.

First is the role of nitric oxide. Viagra is all based upon nitric oxide science. Did you know that Viagra was discovered by accident? It was originally being given to older men with heart valve problems. They were taking the pills to help clear the arteries leading to their hearts. Then the scientists conducting the studies questioned these men about any health changes since taking the pill and they all started saying how they were getting erections, even if they had been impotent for years. Thats how Viagra was discovered.

But the important element of nitric oxide is not just important for Viagra but for penis size increases as well. A local doctor here in Los Angeles named Louis Ingrasso was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1994 for his discoverey that the natural amino acid L-Arginine would induce and increase nitric oxide production when taken as a natural supplement. Nitric oxide is the gas that fills your penis and allows it to get a hard on. So Dr. Ingrasso's big discovery lead to companies using L-Arginine to target different areas of the body where vasodilation was needed or targeted. Someone said let's target the penis! So this is basic concept number one - get nitric oxide to the penis enabling the penis to expand. But this is only 1/2 of the equation.

The second key component of this science is the sex hormone testosterone. Specifically "free" testosterone. Scientists have also figured out that the more "free" testosterone a man has the larger his penis becomes when that free testosterone is released in the penis. So that is why you see ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa and other known compounds that turn "bound" testosterone into "free" testosterone.

And then the third and final component is what pill makers call "Delivery Systems" or "Transportation" Systems or "Targeting" Technology. What they have is a combination of ingredients that help "transport" or "deliver" the nitric oxide and testosterone boosting compounds to the penis area. So, making all three of these concepts work as best as possible. That is what drives these companies and what is at the center of penis enlargement pills.

Make sure you read my reviews of pills in my Pill Review Section here on the website as it is outstanding - if I do say so myself!

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So What Have We Learned?

Well, you have learned that I am part historian, part documentarian, and like any great actor who is a “student” of his craft or like any great athlete a “student” of the game – I am a “student” of my business – which happens to be my penis! Science has changed everything. Think about contact lenses then followed by eye surgery so people no longer need glasses. Think about how nose jobs changed people’s lives? Do you know how great someone born with a big honker feels after they get a nose job and look in the mirror and see a nice new normal sized nose? They feel fantastic, and it’s a feeling they KEEP with them for the rest of their lives. But this is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING compared to the feeling you will get when you stand in front of the mirror naked and look at your penis and it’s 3 or 4 inches longer! That will be the most incredible feeling you will have experienced in your life! So check out my reviews and see which pills you think will be right for you. And never ever laugh at ANY scientist – these guys are great!