1. SizeGenix

Lab Score That Is Off The Charts
SizeGenix Bottle
Grade: A

Incredible New Supplement Is Sweeping The Nation!

SizeGenix is the most impressive penis enhancer I have ever used, bar none. It is THE top-notch penis size enhancer in existence. This is a breakthrough pill developed by researchers from world-famous M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Hugh Hefner’s personal physician Dr. Mark Saginor a Harvard Medical School graduate and world-renowned researcher and patent-holder Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart. This stuff is an absolute sensation.

Men of all ages love it. My fellow porn stars all use it (Rocco, Evan, Tommy, Rob, Dale, etc... everyone I know in the "Biz"). Movie stars I know take it; shit even one of the biggest lead guitarist, (a guy we all know) loves this stuff! The company has actually had trouble a few times keeping up with demand, and it's all because this shit works!

Evan Stone said it’s “like penis surgery in a pill" or like getting a “Big Dick in a bottle”. Once you start taking it, you'll never want to stop. You will be addicted to the extreme size gains, enhanced hardness, and the incredible boost in stamina you get. I first heard about it from guys in the "Biz" and was a bit skeptical because I have tried everything and I knew some pills work great, but the way the guys described it sounded almost "too incredible", but as soon as I took my very first dose, I knew SizeGenix was the real deal.

So if penis size is slowing down your performance with the ladies. If you lack the size you were not "genetically" born with. If your confidence is a little shaky because you're not big right now. Or if you’re a guy over 40 and you’re having trouble getting as hard as you did in high school - don't even worry about it another day. Those days are over!

This stuff can take a guy who's 5'9" 157 pounds and give him the dick size of a 6'5" 245 pounds all-pro linebacker and do it fast - it's absolutely incredible. You might think I'm exaggerating or kidding, but I'm not. Have you seen porn these days? Guys are freakin' HUGE... they get bigger every year, and it's all because of science.

Women Lie When They Say Size Doesn't Matter.

A quick word on women and size. Any woman who says size “doesn't matter” is lying her ass off. All that crap about "it's not the size of the wand, but the magic in it." Complete bullshit. I've banged over 4,000 women, and I know what they want and like. They might say size doesn't matter so you don't feel bad, but what they really want is a guy who is hung like a horse and hard as a steel pipe. That is what they want and what we all want to have.

Well, that's what SizeGenix delivers. So you don't have to settle for ordinary anymore, no man does. It's a new world out there, and you can get big. It's a no-brainer. And remember, a HUGE penis is a license to sleep with sexy women today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

Sent Overnight to Porn Star On Movie Shoot in Brazil

The formula is of the highest quality and potency. See my Lab Reports to see how they beat all the other pills in the lab tests . . . in fact, they destroyed them, and some of them are damn good pills too, but this one is in a league of its own. Like Michael Jordan or Rolls Royce or a young Pam Anderson. I don't want to get into some long analysis of their formula - you can get that on their website (www.SizeGenix.com), I'm just here to let you know this is the best-of-the-best and the lab report confirms what I, and all the guys in porn, already know about this pill. This stuff is so ground-breaking that when porn legend Evan Stone was filming down in Brazil over the summer and his supply of SizeGenix got stolen, he called me and asked me to Federal Express him 10 bottles ASAP. He was panicked he didn't have it.

Not only do I like the fact that it makes your dick bigger, and I mean way longer and much wider, but also the hardness of your erections & your stamina improve dramatically too! After about only a week you will notice it... BIG TIME... how hard your dick gets when you get an erection and how much longer you can fuck. It's insane. For guys who are over 40 and their boners aren't what they used to be... run, don't walk... run, to a store or go to their website www.SizeGenix.com and get this stuff, you will be amazed. There are 60 capsules in a bottle. You should take them on an empty stomach, and the company offer a 100% money back guarantee - but you will never want your money back - no one does... guys just want more pills!

“Here are 6 Immediate Ways SizeGenix will Add Real SIZE, Steel Pipe HARDNESS & Rock Star STAMINA to Your Erections In Record Time”

  • 1. Increases Free Testosterone – A lot of the pills claim to do this, and some do, but none of them jack up your testosterone like SizeGenix, and the reason is LJ100. This ingredient was developed by frikin’ MIT - the egghead geniuses at M.I.T. must like sex too – because this stuff is the BOMB! This is what make you bigger and harder – it accounts for 70% of the formula’s success I would say.
  • 2. Activates Tidal Wave of Tissue Expansion - It forces your current penile tissue to expand dramatically in all directions creating a virtual floodgate of penis expansion in the two chambers of your penis. They call it their Phase 2. What it really is, is an explosion of time released nitric oxide. Very clever design – very powerful.
  • 3. Surpresses SHBG - This is crucial because the SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) is what controls your testosterone levels as it relates to erections. If you have too much SHBG then it KILLS your erections. This formula specifically fights the SHBG to keep it away from your erections so you can get bigger and harder. Think of it like an armed security guard for your dick!!
  • 4. Exclusive Vasolox Matrix - Only SizeGenix has this exclusive compound combination. No other company can use it and therefore can't compete with the gains this ultra potent ingredient mix produces. Remember, if ingredients suck you'll get crappy results. SizeGenix combines research, technology and real-world proven ingredients that work synergistically to literally transform your penis.
  • 5. Protodioscin Content - Lab tests show this most important "marker" of potency is so far above the other products tested it is not even close. This means it works fast and is powerful. Over 138 mg per dose! Thank you LJ100!!
  • 6. Butea Superba Patent - They have the exclusive right to a U.S. Patented technology (U.S. Patent number 6,673,377) for processing the clinically proven penis size-enhancing herb Butea Superba in their formula. Not patent pending, but patent awarded - big difference. It's super potent, has published clinical studies on it and it’s only in this product. The guy who discovered this is over in Thailand. He used to send bags of this stuff to guys in the biz and producers 25 years ago in little baggies. He has been known as “Dr. Wichai Woody” for years – long before he became famous and went mainstream with pill companies. This ingredient is excellent and when you combine it with LJ100 – you get a home run that goes over the scoreboard and out of the park!

As you can see from just these 7-points, SizeGenix truly delivers. No wonder it has become the best-selling male enhancement pill of all time.

Guys Are Going Ape-Shit Over The Results!

Imagine yourself in just a few short weeks with a dramatically bigger penis, enhanced stamina to bang longer, erections that are steel-pipe hard, heightened confidence in the bedroom and an entirely new outlook on life. How great would that be? Guys on message boards and in emails sent to me are going completely ape-shit over the results that this "almost magical" pill is producing. If you were born with a crappy penis-size, and you want to do something about it, then join the many men around the world, from the super famous to the regular working guys who have seen their dream of making their penis bigger & better become a reality thanks to SizeGenix. I give it the highest recommendation I have ever given any product over the last 18 years. It truly is a game-changer.

You can try to get it at stores, but it is frequently on back-order. You can also get it directly from the company at www.SizeGenix.com. Note - due to its popularity the company has a limit on how many bottles each person can buy. Last time I checked it was a limit of like 6 bottles per person, no exceptions.

You can order from them direct at 1-800-803-0468 and on their website at www.SizeGenix.com.

Learn More At SizeGenix.com

2. Zyrexin

Zyrexin Bottle
Grade: A+
Zyrexin Zyrexin is the #1 rated Get Bigger Pill

I love this pill. It won’t make you bigger and it won’t make you last longer, but it’s a great Viagra alternative that really works. You can get it at any Walmart, CVS, Rite Aide and Walgreens. At Walgreens it is next to the rubbers in the “family planning” section – pretty stupid that its not next to all the pills, but this stuff is so popular that they keep it under lock at Walgreens and in some Walmart’s they keep it behind the counter. They do this because it was getting stolen so much. You don’t steal shit that doesn’t work! This shit works! It’s like a … Boner in a Bottle and it’s pretty cheap too, under $19.00 for a bottle. Walmart blows it out under $15 a bottle.

You just take two pills one hour before sex and BINGO… you are ready to go! This product reminds me a lot of another one of my favorite Viagra alternative Stamina Rx. That shit works great too and is sold all over the country. Every other Viagra alternative that you see at 7-11 and places like that and promise to give you a boner in 30 minutes or so are just copying Zyrexin. None of them do shit, except Zyrexin and Stamina Rx.

The reason Zyrexin works so good is it has this herb from Thailand in it called Butea Superba. There are clinical studies showing that it’s basically like Viagra – not quite, but very close. It also has yohimbe. All the Internet pussies somehow won’t let you advertise pills that contain “yohimbe” on Google and other search engines so you won’t see any mention of Zyrexin or Stamina Rx on my other site. (I have a “G Rated” version of SexPillGuru I call Ron Reviews that is on the search engines but I can’t swear or talk about products with yohimbe or tribulus terrestris or others. Kind of a joke.) They think yohimbe is too strong and therefore can be abused and won’t let you advertise it. But Zyrexin sells like CRAZY in Walmart and other stores because it works. It’s a blue tablet. You take two of them.

Your best bet is to just go to your local Walmart or the other stores I mentioned since it’s everywhere and you can get it right away. Walmart has the lowest price.

Remember, it won’t make you bigger, but it is a great product I still use from time to time. Plus it smells cool. Open a bottle and take a whiff and you’ll like the smell, unlike the top “get bigger” pills which smell like shit – but who cares they make you dick HUGE! Zyrexin is the real deal.

3. SizeVitrexx

Watch the explosive video below:
SizeVitrexx Bottle
Grade: A
SizeVitrexx SizeVitrexx is the #2 rated Get Bigger Pill

I love this product! I was not surprised to see it crank out a sensational 62 mg of Protodioscin in the laboratory tests, blowing away virtually every other product on the market except for the top 3. To produce a high score like that means this company is using super high potency ingredients and putting them in the pills in high amounts. Not many companies do that. I spoke to their CEO to inform him that my test results put them at number 2 in the world on my rankings and naturally he was quite happy. I asked him what their philosophy was in developing the pill and he said, his company is "all about word of mouth advertising and repeat customers." He knew if he put his money into a formula that worked guys would come back and buy more and tell their buddies, and that is just what is happening.

Lab Reports Don't Lie!

Click Below To Enlarge

This pill uses the Wave Surge Technology. SizeVitrexx uses nitric oxide stimulators to increase the vasodialation in the penis. This allows it to expand and to stretch. By expanding the size of your penis and erections, and couple this with a strong free testosterone booster, this is how you get hard as a rock and big as a mountain! It sounds really simple, but to get the right ingredients, right delivery system and all in the precise ratios is very fucking hard to do! If it were easy all these companies would have great laboratory results and everyone would be walking around with a 10" dick! But it is way more complicated than that.

If you have ever tried one of the products that did poorly in the lab results I have here on my website you will know exactly why they didn’t work. They have weak, cheap, and shitty ingredients and spend their money on expensive ads. This company has expensive ingredients with small ads. But now that this company is so successful they are also advertising bigger, but they are legit. This company really gets it.

This product is great and it works fast too. You can’t go wrong with SizeVitrexx. You can get it direct from the company's website at www.SizeVitrexx.com.

4. Extenze Black

Maximum Strength
Extenze Black Bottle
Grade: A

No doubt you have see the commercials for Extenze featuring former Dallas Cowboys football coach Jimmy Johnson, and NASCAR drive Jimmy Johnson. This brand has sold millions and millions in stores like Walmart, CVS, Rite Aide and others. It may very well be the best selling male enhancement pill of all time. They have two versions – the original and this version, which is called in the industry “Extenze Black” because of the box.

The original Extenze is not that great a product anymore. Too much scientific advancement has taken place since it came on the market 15 years ago. Tons of products have passed it by. But this version – the Black version is a dam good product. They have upped the potency of the key ingredients and have added some additional ingredients that make this a winner.

Extenze Put To the Test

Click Below To Enlarge

You can tell the ingredients are better just by their lab score. Compare the lab score of Extenze regular with Extenze Black and you see a HUGE difference. The level of Protodioscins are fantastic – 44.8 mg. That might not be as high as the top few, but the score is still fucking great! You can get some real gains in size and hardness with this strong formula. Remember, the key to size gains is a three step process – free testosterone booster combines with vasodilatation and combined with a delivery system that can get these two key elements down to the two main chambers of your penis. No size enhancement takes place unless you have a free testosterone booster. That is the hardest thing to get in a formula. The vasodilatation comes from nitric oxide booster –L-Arginine and L-Citrulline and they are easy to get. You need them in the right amounts, but a good company will have them in their formula. But free testosterone boosters that work are hard to get and expensive.

You will see that Extenze Black sells on line and in stores for $59.95. It’s one of the more expensive products on the market, but they have spent so much on advertising building their brand they can ask for that kind of price and still get it. Plus this is a great pill. The lab report says it all 44.8 mg of Protodioscins means it works and they are giving you a top grade free testosterone booster – not the powdered bullshit that so many of the companies use.

You will find this product in stores around the world. Normally it is right next to one of my other favorites Zyrexin which is my number Three product. Rememebr Zyrexin doesn’t make your dick bigger. Extenze Black will. Look for it on their website or your best bet is to get it at a local store. They have been around for a long time and this formula is definitely a WINNER! GRADE A-

5. Dapovar

Dapovar Bottle
Grade: A

Everyone thinks I became the most famous porn star in history because of my big dick. But what I was “really” known for in the industry was my ability to DELAY orgasm. I can fuck for hours without blowing my load. Producers loved me because I could fuck so long. But my dick was not actually one of the biggest in the biz – shit John Homes made me look like a midget! Then I got wise and made my dick bigger with science. But enough about my dick, lets talk about this great product that can make you last lllooonnnngggeeerrr!!

It comes from Amsterdam in The Netherlands and is sold in the USA and Canada and all over Europe or course. It’s not a cream, but a pill that you take and it delays your orgasm WITHOUT making your dick numb! That’s what I hate about delay products they are almost always a cream and they make your dick numb and you lose feeling … and so what’s the point – I hate to fuck like that!!

This pill is different. VERY different. Dapovar are capsules filled with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) that you take to modulate the serotonin level in your body. After about a few weeks or so you will notice that you last longer. The increase in performance time is sensational.

The science is obviously taken directly from the pharmaceutical drug Dapoxetine, which is a premature ejaculation drug that was recently approved for sale in several European countries, including Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Austria and Germany. Dapoxetine is also being considered for approval in other European countries and in the United States, where it is currently in phase III of the approval process with the FDA. The statistics on men who ejaculate too quickly is staggering. Over 30 million men in America suffer from some sort of Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.), but over 60 million men suffer from Premature Ejaculation (P.E.).

Right now, Dapovar is cleaning up the market as their natural product seems to mimic Dapoxetine flawlessly. This is undoubtedly because of the formula. The key to the drug Dapoxetine is that it is a SSRI, which is the key to preventing P.E. Check out the lab tests and see how the 5-HTP levels in Dapovar are significantly higher than those of the other natural P.E. pills.

The product is manufactured by a company based in Amsterdam and sold through distributors in the United Stated and Canada. Some men report lasting longer after taking the pills after just 10 days, but we have found real results start after about 3 to 4 weeks. The only negative that we can find with Dapovar is the time. It’s not like a cream that you can use the very same day, Dapovar does require you to take the pills every day for about two to three weeks until you start lasting longer. But it’s well worth the wait. The results are nothing short of amazing! Men who never last more than 60 seconds are suddenly finding they are lasting over 20 minutes. On average! The impact on their confidence might be the biggest impact,. Knowing that you won’t be fucking embarrassed with a “minute man” performance and that you’ll be able to control yourself and shoot your load instantly. I love this shit because it works. We are happy to report the days of not having a way to overcome premature ejaculation have come to end! A product ahead of its time. Sensational.

Dapovar is available at their website www.Dapovar.com or by calling them directly at 1-800-817-2976. Great product. Everyone thinks of The Netherlands and Amsterdam for their weed but this is the best shit to ever come out of Amsterdam – the weed there is actually kind of weak, but Dapovar is the best in the world!

6. Transform-XXL

Transform-XXL Bottle
Grade: A

The secret to the incredible success of this pill is that it uses an ingredient that is patented by M.I.T. – That’s right the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology did research and studies on an extract of the free testosterone booster Eurycoma Longifolia, which is also more commonly called Tongkat Ali. This awesome ingredient is called LJ 100. Researchers at MIT and also at the University of Malaya created it, and it has human clinical trials that show it has the ability to do a number of positive things, including enhance your sexual performance! In fact it is protected by a worldwide patent for the treatment of sexual dysfunction! And this is MIT!

It's no surprise that it killed it in the lab tests. The level of Protodioscins was a very impressive 53.4 mg. The other ingredients in the formula support the release of nitric oxide which is also very important to make your penis bigger and harder. But the key here is the LJ100 and the MIT research and their patented technology. The actual herb comes from the rainforest of Malaysia. It is produced using a patented extraction process, and freeze-dried technology without any filler.

Transform-XXL Lab Report

I could go on and on about the MIT research and all the technical stuff – but the bottom line is this pill is fantastic! You will be very happy with results you get. I think the name of the product is so smart and accurate – Transform XXL – because it can literally “transform” your penis in something that is XXL! Fanfuckingtastic stuff! You can get it direct from the company.

7. Size Focus

Size Focus Bottle
Grade: A

With a name like Size Focus you know what this product is all about …. Getting Bigger. Like all of the top products it has three main attack angles in it's formula – free testosterone compounds, nitric oxide stimulators and a delivery system to get the ingredients down to your dick where they are needed!

The ingredients are almost identical to SizeGenix and the other top pills; it’s just that this one does not have them in as potent levels as the top 3 products. But this product still rocks! This company did its homework and made a great product. All you have to do is look at the lab report analysis and see how it compared to the over 100 pills I tested and you see it came in at #5 out of all of them! It shows each does have 37.3 mg of Protodioscin in each serving! That’s a lot. When you compare it to SizeGenix it might not seem that impressive – but trust me it is. You can get it direct from the company or in retail stores around the USA. This product is a BIG success!

Size Focus Lab Report

8. High T Black

High T Black Bottle
Grade: B

This product sells at GNC for $64.99 a bottle and wait until you see it's lab report score. It can't hold a candle to the top products that made my Top 5 Pills of The Year. This product looks all slick and has placement in GNC and all the Madison Avenue advertising, but it doesn't have the lab results! So don't waste your money!

Check it out. I had it tested for Tribulus Terrestris and Protodioscin saponins, and the expensive lab test (these cost big $$) shows it only has 19.1 mg in each serving! What a rip! Under 20 mg and they charge you $65. See what I mean when I say you can't judge a product by its advertising. And as low as this score is, it's really not as bad as the many products that scored ZERO - the total frauds selling you rice power or some other worthless herb. Lab reports don't lie and it's a great evaluation tool to help you to determine which pill can really work for you.

High T Lab Report

9. Enzyte

Enzyte Black Package
Grade: F

The most famous spokesperson in the history of male enhancement is, of course, Smilin' Bob - from the funny Enzyte commercials. Well, the real laugh is this lab report! Yikes... it has less than 1 mg of Protodioscins! Not much to smile about Bob.

Enzyte may not give you a fuller, longer erection, but some of its ingredients may improve libido, stamina and erection strength, improving sexual satisfaction. It's not the cure for erectile dysfunction, however, and is not completely free of harmful ingredients. “All-natural” is not necessarily an indicator of safety in this case.

Enzyte Lab Report

10. T-Male

T-Male Bottle
Grade: C

Another product that has a terrible lab score. Only has 4.79 mg of Protodioscin. You can't count on this product to do anything.

T-Male Lab Report

11. PHGH

PHGH Bottle
Grade: F

Lab reports don't lie and this shows PHGH is not a powerful formula at all. Just look at the score for Protodioscin - 0.600 mcg. Thats a joke.

PHGH Lab Report

12. Apexatropin

Apexatropin Bottle
Grade: F

Check out this lab report, and you will see why this product doesn't work as they claim. I had it tested for Tribulus Terrestris and is scored a < 19.3 mcg. That means it detected less than 1 mg. So, in other words, it has like ZERO Protodioscin saponins in the formula.

The company apparently spends all their money on slick ads and fancy websites while the actual formula is worthless crap. Lab reports don't lie my friends. If you used this product and it didn't work for you - now you know why.

Apexatropin Lab Report

13. Testo-Vital

Testo-Vital Bottle
Grade: F

What a shock that the scumbags running a credit card scam have a product that got a horrible lab score. Just look, this scam product has less than 3mcg of Protodioscin!! What a joke. Compare that to a top product. Total scam and a worthless bottle of cheap powder!

Testo-Vital Lab Report

14. Xanogen

Xanogen Bottle
Grade: F

Look at this lab report, and you will see why Xanogen is a crock of shit. They run a video where a guy who calls himself "Ron" claims to have grown his penis 4" in 4 weeks. Nothing can do that. Don't kid yourself. No pill, not even SizeGenix is going to add 4" inches in 4 weeks because it is IMPOSSIBLE. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's the truth. You can get way bigger, but 4" in 4 weeks... cut the shit. That's pure fantasy.

So I had Xanogen tested for Tribulus Terrestris and is scored a < 35.5 mcg. So in other words it has like ZERO Protodioscin saponins in the formula. ZERO. The company apparently spends all their money on slick ads and fancy websites and fake videos while the actual formula is worthless crap. Lab reports don't lie my friends. If you used this product and it didn't work for you - now you know why. The lab report says it all.

Xanogen Lab Report

15. T-Strong

T-Strong Bottle
Grade: F

Here is another product sold in nearly every drug store in America. The lab test is even worse than Libido-Max. The test shows a score of zero Protodioscins - This is even worse than Libido-Max. Again no one in the country would know this if I didn't do the report.

T-Strong Lab Report

16. Naturally Huge

Naturally Huge Bottle
Grade: B

Tons of guys in the biz have used this product because it is consistent and works great. If it were not for SizeGenix being so incredible this product would be at the top of the heap. It’s almost like being the back up quarterback to Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady – pretty tough to be better than those guys – even if you are great too. Ordinarily Naturally Huge would be the King-of-the-Mountain but not this year. However, lets look at why it too is such an outstanding product.

"† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results not typical. Individual results may vary.