7 Major Mistakes

Things have really changed dramatically since the 1970’s – now to make your penis longer and bigger you have REAL options.

No longer is it a fantasy – it’s a reality. (See my section on Penis History) Penis Surgery is a thing of the past and it sucked anyway – too many guys got their dicks destroyed with the highly dangerous operation. Now it’s all about science and information. Read these 7 mistakes – I even toss in 3 more bonus things to avoid – just want you to get used to getting more – like 3 more tips, you will get 3 more inches if you follow my suggestions. Knowledge is power – and you are here getting the knowledge and information so you are already ahead of the game.


1. Skip Penis Surgery

Avoid penis enlargement surgery at all costs. This risky and dangerous surgery can damage your penis permanently. The odds of you having successful penis enlargement surgery are very slim. And even if it does work, the extra size you get is like one to two inches max.

Guys still ask me frequently about penis enlargement surgery. I tell them straight up they are CRAZY!!! When I ask "Why are you thinking of going under the knife for penis enlargement surgery?" I hear "Well pumps didn't work, exercises didn't work, pills didn't work." Then I ask, "What pills have you tried?" I usually hear a list of lousy pills they tried - New Member, Xanogen, Pro Plus, Magna Rx, etc., and all the crappy pills with terrible laboratory scores that I know that don't work.

Again, some poor guy is going to get his dick sliced up like a tomato because he bought the wrong pills. Sad. Remember, information is power - so pass on the surgery. Penis surgery is a HUGE mistake!!! Most men do more damage to their penis than get any gains. The number of lawsuits against doctors that still perform penis pill surgery is very high. My friend Don Simpson who produced the movies Beverly Hills Cop and Top Gun wrote about his botched penis pill surgery in his book High Concept. He got penis surgery and it destroyed his penis and he was banging some of the hottest women in the world - not any more. Don't go under the knife it is a major, major mistake.


2. Steroids

Believe it or not many guys think steroids will make their dick bigger! Wrong! Steroids make your balls smaller not your dick bigger. Might give you muscles, but not the muscle chicks are really interested in. Trust me – women want a big dick over anything. Look at me, I’m not exactly Brad Pitt or David Beckham in the looks department and I get more ass than both of these guys combined, because of my giant Schlong, which I keep long and healthy with pills. Stay away from steroids – bad decision on many different levels and won’t make your dick bigger and it makes your balls shrivel up so they look like a couple of raisins.

No chick wants to slide her hand into your jeans only to end up with a couple of raisins in her hand. She wants a massive joystick in there – so skip the steroids or your dick is never going to be big. Remember chicks like REAL MEN – insanely freaked out guys on steroids are not cool – being a Real Man, with a real big healthy dick and knowing how to use it is very cool.

bad supplements

3. Using Supplements That Don't Work

Another major reason most guys don't make their dicks bigger is because they use pills that don't work. They see an ad on TV, or online, and they get some pill they think is going to turn them into "Mr. Super Schlong" and it simply doesn't work! They fall for some fancy expensive ad and think - wow this ad must have cost a lot of money, so the pill must be legit, only to be disappointed when the pill is a dud. Then they never try another pill again. This is understandable, but it is why most guys keep their average penis and don't get big. Look, if you had a bad meal at one restaurant you wouldn't condemn all restaurants and say screw it I'm never going to another restaurant again, would you? Of course not. But some guys do. But with my website you won't get stuck buying bogus pills ever again! My lab reports and my personal ratings are you need. Remember, even if you think I’m a dumb porn star (I’m not I have a masters in education and wrote a New York Times Best Seller, and I’ve fucked over 5,000 women!!!) there is no denying the lab reports from America’s #1 lab. That real proof. That is what it comes down to.

So read about the pills I say are tops and pick one of them and it will work for you. Don't give up on getting a big, long, powerful dick just because you tried some garbage like Xanogen or Pro Pills Plus and they didn't work. Coming to my site to do your research is a smart move and one of the primary reasons I created SexPillGuru.com. You are already closer to having a giant dick that you even know!

penis pumps

4. Pumps

Pumps Are For Chumps! They can be fun and kind of interesting, but they are not a permanent solution to making your dick bigger. What they really do is make your penis fatter real quick but it doesn’t do much for length. In fact – what many of you reading right now don’t know is that penis pumps can actually really fuck up your penis. It can actually cause PERMANENT DAMAGE if you use them too much or incorrectly. A pump is fun to try a few times to get a fast fatty – literally in minutes -but it won’t make you bigger and can mangle your penis.

So many guys bruise their penis and cause serious damage. In fact statistics show that approximately 29% of men hurt their penis when using them. I know guys who manufacture them and they don’t even want to put instructions with them because they don’t want to have any liability. They don’t want to be sued. Check out the pumps; you’ll see most don’t have instructions. Pumps can be dangerous as fuck if you use them too much – you only get ONE penis – don’t fuck it up!!

fake gimmicks

5. Gimmicks

There is tons of crap on the market today. There is always little gimmicks that sound like they just might work but every one of them is nothing but B.S. I’m talking about gimmicks like the Penis Patch. This is some patch with cream on it that is supposed to make your penis grow because the herbs get right into your penis just like a nicotine patch. Gimmick bull shit.

Or Disposable strips of medicine you put under your tongue that are supposed to add super-size to your penis because it gets into the blood stream quicker – gimmick BS. All gimmicks are BS. If I find one that works, trust me I will let everyone know. But just stick to the pills, which are proven. No need to make the mistake of getting some stupid gimmick.

bad pills

6. Bad Pills

There are plenty of pills on the market that are not a scam. The companies are honest and work hard to make a good product – but they’re just not that good. Put makeup on a pig and she’s still a pig … putting a fancy label on a bottle of average pills doesn’t make it work. GNC, Vitamin World, and Vitamin Shoppe are FILLED with average do nothing pills. They have some very good ones too – but there is a bunch of crap there. Make sure you check out my reviews.

Check out any pills you have tried in the past and I bet you anything my review accurately reflects your experience with that pill. Bad pills waste your money – but more important they erode your confidence in the industry and might prevent you from ever trying another pill if you tried one that didn’t work. If you are here reading this now you are obviously going to avoid the pills that suck so you don’t have to worry about taking bad pills in the future – but it is a very common mistake that keeps many guys average – and who wants to be average – average penis size sucks!

viagra cialis

7. Abusing Viagra and Cialis

I never use Viagra or Cialis or Levitra or ANY pharmaceutical drug for my dick. NONE. Why? A: I don’t need to because I have taken care of my penis for years like it’s a Faberge Egg. I have to take care of my dick – it’s my meal ticket! So I have been taking vitamin E and supplements for ages to get bigger and stay in top penis shape. True. It’s no different than a female movie star – actually the male stars too – using moisturizer and creams to hide the wrinkles on their face – and of course Botox. But Viagra if used too much can cause you problems. You develop a dependency and your penis gets lazy. Your cells and tissue don’t have to respond because the pill does it for you “artificially” and then guess what happens when you don’t use the pills? You can’t get it up. And if you want to get bigger? Fucks you up too.

Look, I have nothing against the makers of Viagra – they did a great thing for so many men – Hef comes to mind – but so many men can now fuck again. But if you are a young guy under the age of 40 don’t be an idiot and think you need to take Viagra to get a super hard dick to bang the lights out of some hot new chick you are with – you will pay in the end if you do it a lot. Every once in a while and you will be okay – but 100% serious – if you over use the little blue pill you are causing yourself and your dick huge problems down the road. Go natural. Look at how much bigger guys’ dicks are today than they were 20 years ago. How is that possible? Is there some Dick Fairy that magically makes dicks bigger? No – it's science. Pills can make you hard. Pills can make you bigger. Viagra works great – but there are dangers – so don’t fucking overuse Viagra or you will be sorry.

Bonus Inches - I mean 3 Bonus Mistakes to Avoid!

“Take my advice and you will get extra inches.”

bad advice

8. Taking Advice From a Loser

Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one! And it seems when it comes to penis pills and penis size there are thousands of people who are suddenly “experts”. The Internet makes it possible for any clown to get a website and give out advice on what you should and shouldn’t take. I go on YouTube and it’s a fucking joke – filled with Bozos holding up bottles of pills saying what works. It’s 99% crap. All those review guys are just commissioned sales people for marketing companies that are selling pills. I am incredibly qualified to tell you about penis pills. I have been using my dick on film in front of millions of people while these other so called “experts” were in school squeezing their pimples. I’m banging Marilyn Chambers trying to keep my dick hard while I fuck her and Seka is licking my balls at the same time. Talk about being in the trenches. Talk about walking the walk and talking the talk! I have done over 2,000 porno movies, sometimes doing 5 films a day. Do you know what kind of shape your dick has to be in to do this? Do you know how many tricks and secrets I had to develop to last longer so I don’t bust a nut right away? Do you know how mutilated my dick got? Do you know how I had to take care of my dick? Do you know as I got older and my dick got smaller and weaker how I had to figure out a way to make it bigger and stronger? If I didn’t know how to do this shit I would be toast!! My dick is my meal ticket.

So when you see some BS website written by a person who won’t put their name and face for all to see chances are its BS. And if you see some blog like Lauren’s Diary or Jenny’s Blog of Porn Star Secrets – it’s all bull shit! Why would a porn guy hide his face to give out penis size advice? He wouldn’t - it’s some scummy marketer trying to trick guys – and that REALLY pisses me off to know what a trailblazer I was in the Porno business, and to think there are yuppie, latte drinking sushi eating pussies hiding behind computer screens claiming to be porno stars to rip guys off – when I paid my dues and did it all in porno and someone is basically “stealing” my identity – total bull shit. I might have to call LifeLock!! Just don’t take advice from a schmuck. I’m not the only guy who knows about pills – but man I know a lot and take it very seriously.

getting too big too fast

9. Trying To Get Too Big Too Fast

Making your dick bigger is like losing weight, teeth whitening, or getting rid of pimples. Shit takes time. But so what if it takes time – the point is these pills can work for you but don’t expect anything too dramatic in like a week or 10 days. Now I know most of the companies say you will start to get big in a few days etc., most of that is exaggeration. They all do it a bit – and maybe some guys do see size in 7 to 10 days – but my experience and knowledge knows this is the exception. You can expect results in 3 or 4 weeks and then it gets better from there. All guys are different and I know some guys will add big size in 20 or 30 days and some guy won’t see anything big for 4 months – but most guys – us normally regular guys will see big results – if you are using good stuff – in like 45 -60 days. That is the “sweet spot” when things are noticeably different. It will continue after that, but 45-60 days is the growth zone for most guys. So don’t try and get big fast, or fall for the 3 inches in 21 days BS. Get started and stay consistent in taking your pills and keeping your dick active – either with a partner or playing with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a big new dick isn’t an overnight phenomenon.

odd tips

10. Not using my Odd Tips

If you have read my 6 secrets and 1 odd tip to help you get a bigger dick then you know my 1 odd tip is to take your pills with Grapefruit juice. It’s not just odd but it works. So does vitamin E. You should take your pills with grapefruit juice because it accelerates and improves the absorption and vitamin E produces way bigger loads – in less than 2 weeks. So go to my 6 Secrets section and read all about why grapefruit – yes just a grapefruit you get at the supermarket can help make your dick bigger – trust me it works.

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