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Grade: A-


If you prefer to use a cream or gel to help you last longer, then Xantrin is our selection as the top cream on the market.  Keep in mind we still believe the strongest science and the best results in the long run are achieved with pills that affect the serotonin levels in your body, but some creams and gels can make you last longer and can make sex better – no question.  And as mention at the top of the charts for making you last longer is Xantrin. It is an odorless cream that does a perfect job of slightly desensitizing the extremely sensitive areas of your penis, while not making you numb.  That is the trick scientists and product developers must content with – how to not make your penis too numb. Xantrin seems to have found the answer with a process they call “Neurotransmitter Signaling Delivery System.” NSDS is some fancy scientific mumbo-jumbo that basically means the cream goes to the areas that are the most sensitive in different amounts than it does to areas of the penis that are less sensitive. How exactly it works isn’t really that important – the key thing is that it actually works!  Out of the 40 or so creams that we have tested only a handful actually provide any benefit; Xantrin does more, much more.


Now that Dapoxetine, the premature ejaculation pill from Johnson & Johnson has been approved for sale in many European countries, the science that leads to its success has been published.  As a result of the previously secret scientific research now being made public as the drug is approved for sale, scientists not involved in its development now can see the research.  These competing scientists and competing companies are able to copy much of the research and use it to tweak product they had been developing, or to create entirely new products that can also provide the same benefit.  In the area of creams the most studied cream is one out of Asia called SS Cream.  While some of the research has been leaked, the cream is not yet available.  Industry insiders are telling us that the makers of Xantrin, may have copied the SS Cream formula and have actually brought it to market quicker than SS Cream, which is supposed to be a blockbuster.  However they developed the product, and where they started their research (much scientific research is referenced on their website) is really not that important.  All that matters from our standpoint is that it is safe and works great.


Many men have reported lasting 5 to 7 times longer on their very first use of Xantrin.  It’s actually extremely exciting if you are used to last under a minute to suddenly be banging your partner for over 7 minutes!  It can make all the difference in the world.  Manufactured by Dartford Kent Labs, this product is sold over the Internet and in Adult bookstores across the country. Normally a 4-ounce bottle goes for around $39 to $49 depending on where you get it.  At the end of the day if you want the immediate result that only a topical solution can provide, Xantrin is the most outstanding product on the market.

Xantrin is available at their website www.Xantrin.com or by calling them directly at 1-800-798-1436

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