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Sensitex Skin Gel
Grade: C

Sensitex Skin Gel

Interesting product imported directly from Thailand. The product is center around the natural compound Butea Superba.  Butea superba a plant found mainly in the northern regions of Thailand.  There have been several published clinical studies done on Butea Superba by our own board member and reviewer Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart. Dr. Wichai is the worlds leading expert on Butea Superba.  Currently it is the only natural compound in the world that acts as a PDE % inhibitor. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are PDE % inhibitors. Butea Supera is the plant that has the molecular structure that is closest to the chemical PDE % inhibitors. In fact it’s almost identical.  That is why it is so effective.  In fact it is the key reason the Viagra alternative Zyrexin is our current number two-rated product in the world.  But as a gel, we were not sure how Butea superba would work.

Sensitex Skin Gel was designed more to open up your penis more and make it harder, and keep it harder.  The clear, odorless gel definitely does a good job making your penis harder, but as a delay cream it seems to come up short of the other top grade topicals like Xantrin, Vivaxa, HightenZ and a few others.  We have reviewed it here because of the butea superba. It’s no secret as that high grade Butea Superba in pill form is a great Viagra alternative. In fact Dr. Wichai and his team were awarded patents not only in the United States by around the world.

However, although Dr. Wichai and his research invented this product, even he will be the first to admit that it can’t compete with the top premature ejaculation creams.  In Thailand man men prefer to use a gel  instead of pills.  Sensitex Skin Gel acts as a lubricant and a vasodilator to get blood flowing to your penis quicker making it harder.  If you have trouble getting an erection and don’t like pills this may be the product for you.  However as a way to prevent premature ejaculation it is only average. GRADE C

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