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Grade: B


One of the new products to hit the market.  You may have seen their very entertaining and clever commercial on late night TV. It’s kind of like a Smiling Bob funny kind of commercial, but it gets your attention.  But most importantly the product works pretty good.

HightenZ is a clear gel that is designed to help you delay your orgasm so you can last longer.  It does.  The average user last 2-3 times longer with this clear, nice smelling gel.  It is able to remove some of the sensitivity of the penis without making it totally numb and without making your female companion numb either.  There is nothing worse than putting some sort of stay-hard cream on your penis and getting into bed with a new lover only to have her ask what the smell is or why is my vagina numb.  Then she discovers your Willie has been doused in last longer cream and well… it usually doesn’t go too well after that.  But HightenZ is much more subtle and can be applied without the fear of creating a strong odor.

The key active ingredient in HightenZ is Lidocaine Hydrochloride 2%.  Lidocaine is very similar to Benzocaine, an ingredient found in most of the typical last longer products.  Lidocaine is much stronger.  You would think that because Lidocaine is much stronger it would make your penis totally numb, however that is not the case.  The other ingredients in the formula do a nice job of defusing the numbing sensation so that it’s a nice combination that allows you to last long while still having an adequate level of pleasure.  At the end of the day this is a well engineered solid product that works.  A 1.7 ounce tube runs $39.95. The container it comes in is an innovative push top can that is similar to a can of shaving cream. This was such a terrible product that they recently discontinued it entirely.

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