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Grade: B


Here is another natural pill that is using the same science used by Dapoxetine, the prescription pill approved for sale in many European countries.   Climatrol has been on the market for awhile with a nice mixture of 5 HTP and other compounds including kava kava, folic acid, passion flower, and vitamin B6.  The 5 HTP comes from an extract of graffonia seed, also know as graffonia simplicifolia which is an extract of seeds from a natural plant found in costal West Africa. Increasing serotonin levels with natural herbal products like Graffonia mimic the effects of SSRI's without adverse side effects. Important byproducts most commonly associated with SSRI's are delayed ejaculation and delayed orgasm.


This product works and many men have reported that they are lasting longer by taking Climatrol.  The only downside is like all natural pills designed to end premature ejaculation, they take some time to work.  You must take the pills for a bout a month until you start to notice a difference.  The upside is that is woks and once you get past the 30 days or so it takes for it to work for you, then you are good to go from that point forward. No need for a cream or gel.  While the formula is very good, its’ not as strong as we would like to see.  It is better than all other pill we have tested other than Dapovar. Expensive at over $100 a bottle – but they get it because it works.  Good solid product.  GRADE B

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