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Grade: B+


- Pronounced Zan-Tho, was the talk of the porno industry about five years ago. Tons of guys used it when it was the “hot” pill at the time. Not anymore. The formula has never changed, and there are newer better products on the market that are far better than Xantho Rx.  That being said – it’s still a damn good pill!!  Considering all the crap on the market and the fact that since Xantho Rx was first introduced back in 2008 there have probably been 50 or so new products that have come and gone and only a few of them are better than Xantho Rx, I’d say that’s a pretty good record.

Flynt Dominick has gone from nobody to porn star in less than one year and credits Xantho Rx. He's crushing it!

It scored very well in all forms of analysis we subjected it to. The lab results were excellent. The key ingredient is Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa (Xantho) – thus the basis for the name “ Xantho Rx”. Size Bionics is the company behind this pill, and they use a high-potency extract form of Xantho to make it so powerful. There are several studies out of a university in Australia that first put this natural ingredient on the map as a beneficial sexual compound, and it has proven to be legitimate. Both Zyrexin and Stamina Rx, the #1 and #2 Viagra Alternatives both use Xanthoparmelia in their formulas as well. The pill has high levels of L-Arginine HCL, yohimbe at an 8% alkaloid level, and not just one but two different forms of Cnidium Monnier – the active coumarin Osthole” and a proprietary extracted form of Cnidium Monnier seed.  The combination stimulates the release of massive amounts of nitric oxide in nerve endings and cells inside the penis. Very impressive because the formula also inhibits the enzyme PDE 5- the erection killing enzyme as it’s known – with greater precision resulting in greater expansion and size of the penis.  This stuff works and makes your dick feel good, and “steel-pipe” strong.  I used to use it and found it helped.  It didn’t help me as much as some other guys in the biz, but I definitely saw results and liked what it did for me.

There is no question Xantho Rx was engineered upon cutting-edge scientific and published clinical data that has resulted in it being one of the top 5 products in this category. Remember, in a get bigger pill we are looking for a pill that is going to first and foremost make your dick bigger. That is number 1. There are plenty of pills that can make you harder, and make you jizz more, and let you recover more, or act as an alternative to Viagra, but to be a top “Get Bigger” pill – you have to move the tape measure as we say.  Xantho 5x can move the tape measure better than just about all the products on the market – but has fallen out of running for best pill. Hopefully, Size Bionics can make some improvements to their formula and come out with a newer stronger version of the pill and challenge for the top spot again.  They are a great company, the price has never been above $40 a month – even when they were the number one pill on the market and they could have easily gotten $60 a bottle – they always kept their prices reasonable.

Survey responses shows they have a loyal following of customers that still take Xantho Rx regularly. Many have tried to knock them off, and there was a scam a few years ago with counterfeit Xantho RX, but it only lasted about 9 months.

Company studies show men experience best results when on the Xantho Rx program for three months. A very high percentage of survey responses also note much harder erections with these pills. You can get Xantho Rx at most adult stores around the country as well as at some health food stores. Don’t look for it in the big chains. You can get it on Amazone-Bay, and on the company’s website www.xanthorx.com.   GRADE B+

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