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Grade: B


- A new product put out by a marketing company trying to cash in on the success of Wal Marts mega seller Zy -rexin. See how the names are similar – Zyrexin and Vigor –rexin. The marketing company is based in Santa Monica, California and they have actually put together a pretty good formula. Normally these marketing companies just toss together a bunch of herbs from India or China that are reported to boost libido that are big on folklore and small on effectiveness. But this formula has some excellent stuff in it. Specifically, Tribulus Terrestris yielding 80% saponins, 500mg of L-Citruline which helps with blood flow and a strong 100:1 extract of Long Jack. These three ingredients are the key to making this formula better than average. And can give you some pretty good results. The rest of the formula includes Arginine AKG, maca root, avena sativa, grape seed extract and 45mg of niacin. You get 60 capsules in the bottle and take 2 to 4 capsules a day. So a bottle could last one month or might only last 15 days depending upon how much you take.

Like I said this is a marketing company that sprung up for the sole purpose of selling some male enhancement supplements. They also sell Viagen XL, which is also a good formula. I like the look of the bottle and their cool logo as it reminds me a bit of my rum – Rum de Jeremy (if you haven’t tried it you should – it tastes great and sales are starting to boom because people like it. We even have a spiced rum as well).

Good product that can make you harder, fuller, and keep your penis in shape. Grade B

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