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Viagen XL

Viagen XL
Grade: B

Viagen XL

- From the same marketing company behind Vigorexin (see my review). Like Vigorexin this is actually a good product, something that is quite unusual for marketing companies. Normally they are great at making big promises and claims, but spend very little time, money or effort on the actual product development. In this case they have done their homework and put together a good product.

Viagen XL has a well-rounded formula, which includes cnidium monnier in a 4:1 extract. Cnidium monnier was first introduced in the United States in Stamina Rx, the 100 million selling Viagra alternative that you see at just about every gas station and 7-11 in the country. This stuff is good. The formula also has 50mg of Long Jack (their other product Vigorexin has 100mg), Tribulus Terrestris. They say it has 400mg of Tribulus – but doesn’t say what the extract is. 400mg is a large amount and even at a lower extraction it can still give you a boost. It also has a healthy dose of Butea Superba and L-Arginine. This is all good stuff with Butea Superba being backed by published clinical trials for its effectiveness. The suggested serving size is two capsules a day with 60 capsules in the bottle.

Viagen XL claims to be able to increase your size, intensify your orgasms and enhance your performance – and it does live up to all three of these claims. I was impressed and give this product a solid B. One of the better products on the market and definitely a top 15 get bigger pill. Grade B

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