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Grade: C

What is Triverex?

Triverex is a male enhancement supplement used to enhance the size--and the performance--of the penis, which helps reduce the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Dr. Mark Moyad, M.D., one of natural medicine's top experts, developed Triverex due to a demand for natural over-the-counter (OTC) male enhancement supplements. Triverex works by using a triple-action formula that targets the three most common parts of male sexuality, called mood, blood flow and stamina. Dr. Moyad believes this is the most effective way to treat sexual dysfunction naturally, although many physicians debate this isn't a factual assessment.

Ingredients: Triverex contains a proprietary blend of Korean red ginseng, l-citrulline, maca and epimedium.

Does it Work?: Triverex contains some benefits. For example, Korean red ginseng has been clinically shown to improve erectile function--according to a study conducted by Sao Paulo University, it facilitated more frequent erections in male participants. A 2002 study published in the New York Academy of Sciences also shows it contains significant aphrodisiac qualities, and may increase libido levels.

Epimedium is also believed to contain strong aphrodisiac benefits. Why? Scientists recently discovered epimedium contains a natural compound called icariin, which is chemically similar to sildenafil, the active compound found in Viagra. Clinical studies show it does reduce ED in the same way as Viagra, but not as effectively.

L-citrulline and maca, or maca root, have not been shown to affect reproductive function. They have been traditionally used as aphrodisiacs, but they have not been shown to improve sexual function by any studies.

Is it Safe?: Somewhat. Korean red ginseng can cause some blood pressure irregularities, nosebleeds, nausea, stomach upset and mild insomnia. The safety of epimedium, l-citrulline and maca are not known.

Grade: C. There is evidence Triverex can improve erectile function, but none of these ingredients have been shown to increase penis length or girth. Many researchers also believe supplements cannot increase penis length--this can only be achieved through surgery or jelquing techniques. Triverex isn't completely ineffective, but it probably won't work the way it's intended to.

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