SizeGenix Review

I love this product! I was not surprised to see it crank out a sensational 62 mg of Protodioscin in the laboratory tests, blowing away virtually every other product on the market except for the top 3. To produce a high score like that means this company is using super high potency ingredients and putting them in the pills in high amounts. Not many companies do that. I spoke to their CEO to inform him that my test results put them at number 2 in the world on my rankings and naturally he was quite happy. I asked him what their philosophy was in developing the pill and he said, his company is "all about word of mouth advertising and repeat customers. " He knew if he put his money into a formula that worked guys would come back and buy more and tell their buddies, and that is just what is happening.

This pill goes heavy on the vasodilatation aspect. This pill uses the Wave Surge Technology. SizeGenix uses nitric oxide stimulators to increase the vasodialation in the penis. This allows it to expand and to stretch. By expanding the size of your penis and erections, and couple this with a strong free testosterone booster, this is how you get hard as a rock and big as a mountain! It sounds really simple, but to get the right ingredients, right delivery system and all in the precise ratios is very fucking hard to do! If it were easy all these companies would have great laboratory results and everyone would be walking around with a 10" dick! But it is way more complicated than that.

If you have ever tried one of the products that did poorly in the lab results I have here on my website you will know exactly why they didn't work. They have weak, cheap, and shitty ingredients and spend their money on expensive ads. This company has expensive ingredients with small ads. But now that this company is so successful they are also advertising bigger, but they are legit. This company really gets it. This product is great and it works fast too. You can't go wrong with SizeGenix.

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