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Size Max

Size Max
Grade: D

Size Max -

SIZE MAX – These capsules are identical to the Longitude capsules first sold by CP Direct before the company was closed down by the Arizona Attorney General. Longitude gave the entire supplement industry a black eye due to their unscrupulous business practices and over stating the effectiveness of their product. Now selling the Longitude formula under the brand name Size Max is the Pharma Lux Company of Las Vegas, whose advertisements state their formula has been proven effective by Jane magazine.

A young women’s magazine like Jane Magazine isn’t exactly an authority on nutraceuticals, but it does offer some level of support as to one person’s experience with the product. Our investigators checked out the reference in the July 2002 issue of Jane magazine to verify its validity. There is a strong endorsement from a Jane Mgazine staff member, but the endorsement is not for Size Max, it is an endorsement for Longitude. In fact at the time that particular issue of Jane Magazine went to press Pharma Lux, according to State incorporation records, was not even in business! The company freely admits they have obtained the rights to the Longitude formula and are marketing it under the name Size Max.

The formula is only a little better than average, based on comparisons to other formulas and survey responses. There is no way this product is going to produce erections significantly larger or fuller based on the level of ingredients it provides. It can definitely give you more energy and stamina and improve your overall ability to function sexually. Its best feature is the 500mg of Yohimbe. It is significant to point out the Yohimbe is in extract form and is at a 15:1 ratio. Compare that to Pro Plus which has only 100mg of Yohimbe in bark format. Size Max is over 20 times more potent. Also the 50mg of Zinc is very beneficial as it has been clinically proven that a Zinc deficiency leads to shrinkage of the penis. Feedback we have received in the form of surveys indicates that Size Max produces modest results in increasing erection size and does provide harder erections. This validates the experience most men reported with Longitude which was no noticeable increase in the size of their erections, but a modest improvement in their sexual performance and pleasure.GRADE D

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