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Natural Gain Plus

Grade: D

What is Natural Gain Plus?

Natural Gain Plus is a natural penis enlargement supplement that claims to increase penis length by using a synergistic blend of natural herbs, extracts and amino acids, which reportedly support reproductive health. According to their website, they've been rated the number one penis enhancement program in the United States, with features on CNN.com, Fox News and MSNBC. They claim you only need to take their supplement once per day to add inches instantly--penis extenders, weights or surgery aren't needed to enhance its length.

Ingredients: Natural Gain Plus contains niacin, zinc oxide, and a proprietary blend of maca, cautaba bark, muira puama bark, l-arginine, barrenwort, tribulus, cola seed, oatstraw, stinging nettle, pumpkin seed, ginger root, American ginseng, Eleuthero root, Asian ginseng, sarsaparilla, orchic substance and boron citrate.

Does it Work?: It might. According to the Handbook of Nutrition and Food, zinc is one of the key components to reproductive organ growth--it's an essential vitamin necessary for improving semen volume and quality. Several clinical trials have also noted it promotes nitric oxide production, a key component of maintaining an erection. Although this doesn't suggest an increase in penis length, it can help make erections harder, which may temporarily increase penis length. Similar effects have been observed in l-arginine, an amino acid.

There is insufficient evidence that its other ingredients can increase penis length, however. Although ginseng can also improve erectile function, there isn't any evidence it helps grow reproductive tissue. But its obvious sexual effects shouldn't be discounted--it can improve erectile function, a common problem for men with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Is it Safe?: No. Both American and Asian ginseng can promote insomnia, rapid changes in blood pressure, gastrointestinal upset and breast pain. Ginger also causes adverse reactions when taken with certain medications, such as anticoagulants.

Grade: D. Only a few of Natural Gain Plus's ingredients help improve erectile dysfunction and length, which is quite low compared to other male enhancement supplements (such as Betterman). Natural Gain Plus may not be the ideal supplement for men who need all-around support for sexual dysfunction issues. Don't discount its erectile benefits, however--it can be very beneficial for men suffering from ED.

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