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Male Virility XL

Grade: F

Male Virility XL

- This little bottle of BS is being sold from a trailer park outside of London, England. The product is manufactured in the United States and shipped out men from a fulfillment company in Milford, Connecticut, but the shady guys grabbing your credit card number and banging it as hard as they can are hidden offshore. They go by the name I.I.S. GmbH and market this dog shit formula through the website Jack and his Magic Beans. It’s a total scam designed to get you to buy a free trial so they can charge your credit card repeatedly. Make sure you seem my Scam of the Month report on this rip off.

Bottle has 60 hard tablets. The formula has niacin and zinc along with an 1145mg proprietary blend that includes such ineffective male enhancement compounds as: pumpkin seed, Asian ginseng, catuaba, oatstraw, ginger, sarsaparilla, cayenne and stinging nettle. None of this stuff will do much of anything. It reminds me of the formulas I used to see 10 years ago. Some of this stuff is good for your prostate but that is about it. If you think this formula is going to make your bigger, harder or perform better then you will be sorely disappointed. It’s dog shit to put it bluntly. Sam marketing company with a lousy formula – I hate guys like this and it was one of the reasons I started my website to tell guys what really works and what is a piece of shit. Grade F

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