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Grade: A-

Longinexx - 

Finishing in second place is this outstanding product from Dartford Kent Laboratories of London, England. I was first exposed to this product in 2009 when I was doing a show in Amsterdam and the Spanish porn star Nacho Vidalturned me on to it. Everyone in the adult business in Europe was talking about it – and for good reason – this stuff is top notch! It is well designed and it’s very impressive the way it pumps your penis up, and makes it harder. This intelligently engineered product works better than any other product in the world right now other than Rexazyte, and it’s not too far behind! If Rexazyte is Michael Jordan, then Longinexx is Scotty Pippen.

It’s driven by a very sophisticated and precise extended-release nitric oxide delivery process called Rapid Expansion Technology – but that’s just a fancy name for “delayed” or “extended release technology” which was the gold standard in male enhancement engineering until Rexazyte introduced the reverse nitric oxide pathway technology.  What it means is the ingredients in the Longinexx pills don’t dissolve quickly in your stomach like most pills, they don’t dissolve until they reach your small intestine. This allows more of the “good stuff” in the pills to be more effective and get down to the area they need to get to – the two chambers of your penis!

Sure there are many products on the market that use L-Arginine as the focal point of their formula, but Longinexx is very different. No it can’t add 6 or 7 inches, but boy oh boy does this stuff work at making you bigger! I have received countless review sheets from not only men – but industry executives and storeowners saying something is going on with Longinexx, and my own personal experience with Longinexx has been great. Again only Rexazyte beats it. At one time a few years back in 2011 & 2012 there where actually rumors that it must be secretly laced with some drug because it almost worked so well. Men were getting so big, so much faster compared to other leading products that there was speculation some sort of “steroid” or other chemical was in the pills. At the time, Longinexx represented the latest technology and at one point was the number one sex pill in the world, so there are always “rumors” about the product at the top of the mountain. But nothing is in them, they are 100% clean and natural. We have sent them to the lab on three different occasions and it always passes the test with flying colors. Excellent lab report – and it is of course 100% drug and chemical free.  Tons of guys in the adult biz use it.  I have seen plenty of empty Longinexx bottles in the dressing rooms on porn shoots.  One idiot – who shall remain nameless actually liked to snort it!! Crazy but true. I don’t know if it helped him more, I think this guy was just extreme about everything and was trying to get a fast reputation as a gonzo fuck machine. And that’s pretty much what he is.

Nacho Vidal Turned Me On To Longinexx In Europe.

One innovation to their formula is that they have loaded it with a variety of L-Arginine. The real secret is that they are taking a different approach to making you bigger and more responsive. The key is a combination of their private Vasobolic formula that consists of such compounds as DHEA, Long Pepper, Long Jack, Cnidium Monnier and Yohimbe.  Long Pepper is pretty interesting and I am seeing it more and more in some of the better products. What it does is it increases the circulation to the smallest capillaries and veins in your body, like the tiny little ones at the end of your penis.  There is a study on Long Pepper that shows its ability to increase circulation even when a body part is frozen in ice.  So the idea with penis pills is to increase blood flow – which it seems to do especially when compared to Ginkgo Biloba, the ingredient of choice for improved circulation for over ten years in the male enhancement industry.  A manufacturer told me this stuff is way stronger and more effective than Ginkgo.

The only real negative about the product is the odor. When you open the bottle the capsules have an odd aroma. They smell strong and pungent. The ingredients are extracted at such a high degree it creates a powerful odor. Not exactly the most pleasant smelling stuff in the world. But it’s a small inconvenience for the results it delivers. But, be warned – they smell kind of weird – so keep the lid sealed.

It’s my choice as the “best of the rest” behind Rexazyte, and can certainly do a great job making your penis bigger and giving you more powerful erections – hard as a lead pipe! The cost is middle of the road with a one-month supply costing about $49 - $59 depending upon the time of the year when you order. They are known to have sales around the holidays and other times throughout the year and the price dips – but expect to pay about $50 a bottle. But it’s worth it. Remember, like I tell guys all the time – don’t think of how much these pills cost, (unless it’s a real financial hardship for you – if it is skip them) think of what it will do to your penis. It is very hard to put a price on what a bigger penis will add to your life.  Say you get three months of Longinexx for about $150 – that’s a nice dinner with a hot chick – not too big a deal in the grand scheme of things. But it’s an excellent product I enjoyed using and saw great results – bigger, harder, and just felt better. Really worked great.

It’s available on Amazon, on eBay, at select GNC stores -not all of them but it seems like about half – the ones that are owned by franchises and not the GNC corporate stores.  It’s also in all theHustler StoresRomantix Adult Boutiques, and Castle Mega Stores.  Or you can get it over the phone by calling them directly at 1-800-799-6384.

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