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Grade: C

Whenever there is a popular product you will always see knock-offs trying to cash in on the success of the original. Stamina Rx when it first came out was the most popular Viagra alternative I had ever seen, and sure enough with one year there was: Stamina RXL, Stamina Pro, Super Stamina Plus, Stamina Max, Staminex - there where like 20 of them, and they where all dog shit compared to the original Stamina Rx.

This product Longevex is clearly an attempt to confuse men into thinking it is Longinexx - one of the top five male enhancement pills in the world for over three years. A company called Nutraphase, out of Ontario, Canada is the brain trust behind this "me too" product. The 90 capsule bottles cost $54.99, which is a little pricey, for a product that contains 350mg of L-Arginine and then very small amounts of herbs. The L--Arginine is a good choice, but the supporting herbs are in such small mg amounts that you will not be too excited about the results this product will provide. Decent product, that is better than many. The company names is a little suspect but their claims and advertising was very straight forward and honest. Grade C

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