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Grade: C


This pill put out by the Beckman Group of Gary, Indiana guarantees gains of up to 3 inches in 30 days.  They even have a testimonial from a man who claims Extendor made his penis harder and longer than it’s ever been. The gentleman, Eric Mann, has appeared in numerous ads endorsing just about every pill this company produces. No pill, absolutely no pill adds 3 inches to your penis in only 30 days, despite what these guys claim. It’s an advertising gimmick, as is their $29.95 price. There is no Doctor Beckman as many have wondered. The formula is very simple. It consists of Yohimbe, Maca, L-Arginine and Zinc. The L-Arginine at 250mg is decent as are the levels of Maca and Yohimbe. The Zinc is a nice touch. It is well documented that the male sex organs use more zinc than any other part of the body.  Dr. U. Mehta reported in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology that clinical tests showed that testicles and penises of animals shrank when they were fed diets devoid of zinc. The 50mg of zinc is a plus, but Extendor will most likely only produce very minor results only after a long period of continuous use. Surveys received on Extendor have been largely negative. 

If you spend 30 dollars for a bottle of this expecting to be 3 inches longer in only 30 days, you will be very disappointed. No legitimate supplement company would make such a claim. Beware of any company that promises to ad 3, 4 or 5 inches to your penis in 30 days. It is a lie! It is absolutely impossible biologically. GRADE C

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