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Zyrexin “The World's #1 Natural Sex Pill”- Ron Jeremy

Grade: A+

I have never been too big on Viagra or “Viagra Alternative”, because I have never had a problem getting it up or keeping it up.  But I have tried a bunch of these pills and my staff has done extensive research into them. Zyrexin is clearly the king of the hill and has been for over five years.

Go into any Wal-Mart and chances are you’ll see someone buying a bottle of this fast working product. Industry insiders tell me Wal-Mart sells over 50,000 bottles a week! Plus, like everything at Wal-Mart the prices are the lowest – a bottle costs less than $12, while the same bottle at Rite Aide is almost $20 and on their website it’s $29. Whatever the cost – it is money well spent.

The Viagra Alternative market is FILLED with laced products! That’s right.  In the last five years alone, over 100 products have been taken off the market by the FDA because they are secretly laced with either ViagraCialis or some hybrid of these chemicals.  The laced products are easy to spot because their price is usually very high.  If you are in a gas station or at a 7-11 and see one or two pill packets selling for more than $8 bucks – it means they are laced. Zyrexin does it the honest way.  Never been laced, and has sold millions.

Zyrexin is sold in stores across the country. Check out the price at Rite Aide it's $18.99. You can get the same bottle at Wal-Mart for $11.72 - that's over $7 cheaper!

The formula is made up of eight ingredients, but there are really only three ingredients that set it apart from the others in this category.  Xanthoparmelia ScabrosaCnidium Monnier and Velvet Bean Extract are the key.  The company uses a highly potent extract of these three and it is the ratios and combinations of the mixture of these three that makes it work so well. It works in under an hour and can last a long time.  Gets you rock hard and can work even if you have been out partying and drinking.  Just pop two pills and in about 60 minutes you are read to do some damage!

One of the downsides to natural pills is that sometimes the crop or harvest or a certain herb is inconsistent from year to year. Some herbs are standardized, but not all of them. A few times men have reported that some batches of Zyrexin are better than others even thought the ingredients are the same. Kind of like wine - no two years are exactly the same.

Zyrexin is safe and has no known side effects. I loved it and got harder than normal and it worked great. I tried it for the very first time I was doing a scene with this hot young girl named Isis Taylor. I was wearing a Ben Wallace Pistons jersey. It did not give me a headache like many of the other Viagra Alternatives have and I fucked this girls brains out. I was still hard after the shoot. It was powerful and better than any other Viagra alternative I have tried. I actually like it BETTER than Viagra because it’s not a drug and I’m not putting any chemicals in my body when using it.

At the end of the day, Zyrexin is still the top pill in the category and popular with men of all ages. You can get it at Wal-MartCVSRite AideGNC and over the Internet at www.Zyrexin.com or you can call them at 1-800-301-4027, but for biggest saving and fastest service I would just go to Wal-Mart – it costs less than $12 a bottle there. Great product. GRADE A+

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