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Grade: C

What is Vitrix?
Vitrix is a male performance aid that claims to elevate testosterone, the male hormone responsible for promoting mass muscle gain, hardness and libido.  Unlike other bodybuilding supplements, Vitrix doesn't need to be cycled in order to maintain its effectiveness.  They credit this natural enhancement to tribulus terrestris, an all-natural plant extract rich in saponin and protodioscin.

Ingredients: Vitrix contains German tribulus terrestris and a liquid proprietary phyto-nutrient blend of vitex agnus castus, avena sativa, eqidmedium and eurycomo longfolia jack.

Does it Work?: It's unclear.  Tribulus terrestris hasn't been proven to facilitate muscle or testosterone growth--many studies returned varying, unstable results.  Numerous studies also failed to raise testosterone levels in men.  The verdict right now is that tribuls terrestris is not an effective supplement for increasing testosterone levels.

But tribulus terrestris isn't completely ineffective.  One study, conducted by National University Hospital, suggests it contains aphrodisiac properties--including an increase in ejaculation, sexual desire and libido.  Although researchers observed these results in animals, not humans, it strongly suggests it may be a viable sex aid for several sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction.  

Is it Safe?: Almost--except for one major problem.  Tribulus terrestris can cause a condition called gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement.  This condition is not reversible.  Drugs and surgery can correct some of the breast growth, but it isn't guaranteed.

Grade: C.  Just because it's all-natural doesn't always mean it's safe or effective--Vitrix being a perfect example of this.  Tribulus terrestris can also increase male breast growth, which can be emotionally difficult to deal with.  There is definitely some evidence it can improve the libido, but this only targets one part of sexual dysfunction—erectile function and sexual desire are more important factors.

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