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Grade: C

What is Vialipro?
Vialipro is a fast-acting male enhancement supplement that claims to improve erectile rigidity, orgasm control and sexual stamina right before intercourse, improving the quality of your sex life.  Vialipro isn't intended for daily use--instead, they recommend using it 30 minutes before intercourse to temporarily heighten your arousal.  According to a study reported on their website, it's extremely effective--over 80 percent of men reported having firmer, longer-lasting erections after taking the supplement.

Ingredients: Vialipro contains l-arginine, safed musli extract, shilajit, velvet deer, ashwagandha root, smilax extract, maca extract, saffron and catauba extract.

Does it Work?: Studies suggests it's not.  Velvet deer has been indicated as a treatment for impotence in traditional Chiense medicine, but clinical studies show it doesn't have any efficacy against any sexual disorders.  Drugs.com says there is little evidence of its efficacy against any health problem, aside from arthritis (it may contain a compound that treat arthritis pain).

L-arginine was shown to reduce symptoms of ED in one study, but further studies haven't replicated these benefits.  According to Cathy Wong, About.com's Alternative Medicine guide, some health practitioners claim it treats ED because it increases nitric oxide, which also occurs in sildenafil (Viagra).  But with few studies proving its efficacy, it's not clear if it can improve any ED symptoms.

To make matters worse, ashwaganda root, smilax and maca extract have not been shown to improve sexual function.  No studies have indicated it as effective treatments for ED, premature ejaculation or other types of sexual dysfunction.

There is also some evidence the study reported on their website may be biased, and could have been used to mislead customers.

Is it Safe?: No.  L-arginine may cause indigestion, headache, nausea, an increase in stomach acid and changes in potassium levels.  Men with diabetes, digestive problems, heartburn or kidney disease need medical approval before using supplements containing l-arginine.  It can also make the symptoms of genital herpes worse.

Grade: C.  Overwhelming evidence shows Vialipro contains ineffective, and potentially dangerous, ingredients, which don't improve erectile or sexual function in any way.  Although l-arginine has been indicated as a possible treatment for ED, it also causes several significant side effects, which can be dangerous for men with diabetes, kidney disease, digestive problems or genital herpes.

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