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Grade: C

– You probably have seen this advertised in the sports section of your local paper or in USA Today’s sport section. Their ads always feature a hot girl and an offer to try the pills free. This is one of those companies that gives you a free trial and then sends you a shipment automatically every month unless you cancel. Some guys hate the auto-shipment program, while other guys love it. Nothing wrong with it, in fact is saves you money and the hassle of calling all the time. But just know that’s the “catch” behind the free bottle offer. But enough about the billing – how about the pill? It works, no question. They couldn’t give it away free if it wasn’t good or else no one would ever buy it again. Imagine owning a pizza shop and you give away free slices to promote your store and the pizza stinks. No one would re-buy and you’d be out of business right? Of course. So these pills work. They are not as strong as our Top 5 but they are pretty darn good. They come in a liquid cap to increase the extraction process and allow more active ingredients. Sounds like a gimmick, but its actually excellence science. It does make a difference. Compared to the same formula in a dry power the difference is night and day. Good product that can make a lot of men happy campers! You can get it online at www.vazopren.com or by calling them at 1-877-216-9765.

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