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V 4-Men
Grade: C

V 4-MEN –This 14 ingredient formula from Georgia based Vitalabs has strong components along with a few that offset some of the benefits they provide.  Unfortunately it contains the hormone Androstenedione which was once thought to provide a boost in testosterone. But recent studies at Harvard commissioned by Major League Baseball have shown that this substance can actually increase estrogen in men. Estrogen is a female hormone and when men are exposed to high levels of estrogen they can develop fleshy breast tissue. Needless to say this androstenedione is not recommended. The product does contain 250mg of Yohimbe in extract form along with Tribulus Terrestris which have both been shown to make erections harder and last longer. Also present is the vasodilator L-Arginine at the very low level of 100mg per serving. L-Arginine is an excellent ingredient but at a dosage too low to provide any significant short term benefit for men taking this supplement. Survey responses have been a mixed bag with some men reporting an improvement in sexual performance and pleasure with some saying the tablets did nothing for them. None of the surveys have noted any increase in erection size at all. It has very little effect on erection size which is not too surprising given the formula. The company advertising slogan states “formulated for men to help them put the “howl” back into your sex drive.” Can it increase sex drive, - yes. Can it increase erection size, - no. This is just an average product. GRADE C

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