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P Boost
Grade: C

What is P Boost?
P Boost is a fast-acting male enhancement supplement that claims to make erections harder, firmer, and easier to maintain, reducing the complications of erectile dysfunction (ED), a common sexual disorder.  Unlike other ED treatments, P Boost is completely all-natural, and only utilizes herbs, vitamins and extracts to promote erectile health.  But research complied on its ingredients tells a different story about this supposed "immediate-acting male enhancement" supplement.

Ingredients: P Boost contains ginseng, wolfberry fruit, glangal fruit, epimedium sagittatum, rehmannia root, cassia bark, yam, and vitamins B1, B12 and E.

Does it Work?: It might--but it's probably not very effective.  The only ingredient that was proven to improve erectile strength is ginseng--some studies suggest it strengthens the penile tissue, enabling harder, thicker erections.  It's important to note these effects were only observed in animals, not humans, and its efficacy may not be the same for humans.  Other evidence suggests it improves the libido, although researchers believe this is a placebo effect.

Wolfberry fruit, better known as the goji berry, has been rumored to promote erectile strength, but studies are lacking on its efficacy.  The same applies to rehmannia root, a common ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine.  Overall, P Boost contains only one ingredient shown to improve erectile strength, and even its effects on humans is questionable--its sexual benefits were only observed in animals, not humans.

Is it Safe?: No.  Ginseng can cause insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, an increased risk for bleeding and headaches.  Wolfberry is also a potentially toxic fruit, and can increase bleeding in some people.

Grade: C.  P Boost may claim to promote harder erections, but there is little evidence that supports this.  Ginseng may increase the frequency of erections, but the rest of its ingredients do not, which may limit its efficacy against ED.  P Boost may not be able to promote harder erections--all-natural isn't an indicator of efficacy in this case.

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