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Grade: F

EXTAGEN – A massive scam being run out of an office park in Phoenix. Phoenix was also the home of another massive male enhancement pill scam – Longitude. The guys at Longitude ended up being sentenced to prison for their scam. The weasels behind Extagen are probably looking over their shoulder, as their scam is just as outrageous. They operate the fraudulent website ultimate-penis-enlargement-guide.com. It is merely a front for Extagen. They rate products and of course Extagen – which performed horribly in lab tests is rated number one, and then number 2 rated product is their bullshit cream called Real QT. If you have ever tried this product you know it doesn’t do jack squat!!

Their rating site seems so professional – when in fact all it is a well orchestrated fraud. As we say here we hate scams and this is nothing but a scam. Check out their lab report – it’s a joke! Also they have some 3rd world doctor a fellow named Dmitry Platonov who supposedly conducted a “clinical trial” on Extagen – but of course that study is nowhere to be seen. At then end of the day all Extagen is just a marketing scam. Make sure you don’t get fooled by these flim flam artists!! GRADE F

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