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Grade: F

What is Actra-RX?
Actra-RX is a sex supplement recently banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because it secretly contained sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. Its website claims to treat erectile dysfunction naturally with Chinese herbs, extracts and stamina-inducing plant derivatives, improving sexual endurance and arousal. Its "results" supposedly appear in less than 30 minutes, lasting for up to 10 hours.

Ingredients: Actra-RX contains amino acids, Chinese herbs, Lycium fruit, Epimedium and cistanche.

Does it Work?: Yes—but only for men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil increases cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) levels in the corpus cavernosum, the spongy matter inside the penis that causes an erection. This reduces the time between physical arousal and erection fullness, allowing men to engage in sexual intercourse at a faster rate.

Sildenafil does not improve arousal time in men not diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, however. According to a 2003 study reported in the International Journal of Impotence Research, sildenafil did not improve sexual function in sexually healthy men, including the speed of enabling an erection, sexual performance or the length of the penis. It was only shown to reduce the refractory time after intercourse.

Is it Safe?: No. In 2004, the FDA discovered Actra-RX contained 55mg of sildenafil, the main ingredient in Viagra, a erectile dysfunction drug. They advise consumers to stop taking or purchasing Actra-RX because of an increased risk of serious side effects, including a sudden drop in blood pressure.

They also warn it may cause significant—and sometimes deadly—contraindications with other prescription drugs, such as nitrates. People with diabetes, problems with blood pressure, heart disease or high cholesterol are also advised to avoid taking Actra-RX or any drugs containing sildenafil.

Grade: F. Actra-RX contains a powerful but potentially dangerous drug called sildenafil, which can cause life-threatening reactions. Actra-RX does not disclose this and continues to deny it contains this drug, despite being pulled from store shelves in 2004 by the FDA. It's not really all-natural or safe to take—in fact, it could harm your health. Actra-RX earns an F for its potentially dangerous side effects.

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