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Grade: A

ATTENTION: We have recieved feedback from some of our visitors indicating that the makers of Activator-Rx are currently on BACKORDER and have stopped accepting new orders for the time being. Below is the statement we recieved when we contacted the company to verify the reports. We are keeping an eye on this situation and will post any updates. It looks like its going to take a little time to resolve the problem.

Notice from the manufacturer of Activator-RX: "We regret to inform you that we have temporarily suspended ordering for Activator-RX. This because we have developed a large back-order situation as demand rose so rapidly it outstripped our manufacturing capacity. Please bear with us while we upgrade our factory and finish filling all outstanding orders. We expect it to take at least a month to resolve this issue. Thank You for your patients."

Activator Rx- Wow! That’s the only way to describe this incredible product. Not only does it work fast and last a long time, but also it does not give you a headache. There are several products that work fast and last long, but many men report they have a headache the next day or they feel a little different. Not here. This is our #2 choice as the go to pill no matter what the situation. If you have been drinking – no problem, Activator Rx works great. Very popular in Hollywood and at Mansion parties!! Try it just one time and you’ll know why it’s so popular. Sensational product. Even we were a little surprised at how well it works, and we had heard all the hype and were expecting great things – it didn’t let us down! Also comes in a liquid for that works super fast as well! Available online, at retailers or over the phone directly from the company. See www.Activator-Rx.com for more info or call them directly at 1-800-819-1630.

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