You are here because you want to know the secrets to getting a super huge cock. Well you came to the right place. I’m going to tell you secrets no one on the fucking planet knows but me! My cock is my life. Without my cock I’m just another schmuck from Long Island. My cock is my meal ticket so you better believe I have spent every day of my life trying to keep my cock the worlds greatest! I have learned so much – and now I’m going to give you my secrets

so you too can get a big dick like me. Incidentally, my dick is bigger today than in was in 1979! Pretty fucking incredible. Just like Viagra came along and allowed impotent guys to get boners again (Hef is the luckiest guy alive by the way!), “Get Bigger” pills came along just in time for me to stay in the porn game as a superstar.

Yes grapefruit can help you make you cock way bigger. Here is how. When you take a good penis pill – (I take SizeGenix and L-Citrulline) in order for it to work better you want to get as much of the ingredients into your system so they make their way down to the chambers of your cock. The more your body can absorb, the more bang you get out of the pill. It’s simple biology. That is why good pill companies tell you to take the pills on an empty stomach. So if there is less stuff in your system the compounds in the pills work better.

Well I have discovered that citrus drinks like orange juice, cranberry juice and especially grapefruit just act as like a turbo-charged trigger for this stuff. One of my doctor buddies recommend this to me and shit he was right. So I always take my pills on an empty stomach and with a glass of grapefruit juice. If you hate grapefruit juice use orange juice or cranberry juice they are pretty good too. This is a simple trick – but it fucking works!!!!!

Yeah that’s one of my secrets! You have to keep your cock in shape so to speak. So fuck as much as you can, and if your not getting laid you out to jack of two or three times a week.

Not many people know – but I do – I’m like Cockapedia – but that the average guys cock SHRINKS in size 19% from age 30 to 55. So it become 1/5 small automatically, which makes it even more impressive that I have not shrunk – but ADDED inches as I got older. But as simple as it sounds you must exercise your dick.

The role of testosterone is extremely important if you wan to make your cock bigger. It’s one of the the two key elements to expanding your penis tissue. Now I’m not talking about steroid injection that the muscle guys get. That shit will fucking turn your balls in to a couple of raisins. The “Roid” guys I know have shit sex lifes, but they take roids for other reasons.

The testosterone I’m talking about is natural. Stuff like Tribulus Terrestris, Androstendione, Long Jack, and a few others but these are the big ones. The reason testosterone in your body is important that it is testosterone – “Free testosterone” that circulates in your body and makes your cock bigger. Testosterone is what makes us men. The more you got – the bigger you shit!

Now when I say “Free Testosterone” don’t confuse that with Free Trial offers you see from the scumbags in this biz stealing your money. Make sure you read the scams exposed expose I did on King Size and Xanogen and Formula 41 and the other scum you should avoid. Free testosterone is in your body along with bound testosterone. You need “testosterone boosters” that are natural to help you make your cock bigger – very important. And also stay away from real pharmaceutical steroids – shit will kill you.

I am very open about “getting a little extra help” from pills. Why not. I was born with a huge cock, but made it even better with pills and my techniques. You can too. I have rated every fucking pill there is and there are only about 10 that are really good. Most kind of suck – but the top 10 are great. My personal regime is this – SizeGenix + L-Cittruline + Grapefruit juice and an occasional L-Arginine Loading phase and that’s all I take. That’s all I need. I discuss L-Arginine loading below. But supplements are the new key to the Golden Age of Cock Size. I look at porn today and I have never seen so many huge fucking cocks in my life. Back when porn was in it heyday there were about 50 top male porn stars, but it you look at the cocks only about 5 where huge – me and John Holmes being the two biggest. But now – fucking everyone is huge. So what changed? Dick pills! Get a good pill and use my tricks and it’s your ticket to jumbo cock land.

No I’m not talking about having a stupid penis, haha. I’m talking about you have to mix up your fucking or your wacking off from time to time so your penis doesn’t get used to the same routine. It’s just like being an athlete. What I mean by “Penis Confusion” is doing something different every couple of months. Not all the time, but at least every 60 days. So say you fuck your check every night or twice a week – whatever it is. Say when your done fucking you roll over and grab a beer or order a pizza or whatever you do. You only fuck her once. With Penis Confusion what I’m saying is you have to fuck her again as close to your last nut as you can. So if you bust a nut – try and fuck her again within 30 minutes.

This does wonders for the capillaries and blood vessels in your cock. It’s like an athlete mixing up his training routine. Once cross training started you can look back and see people started to get in way better shape. Its way smarter. P90 is way smarter than the old Charles Atlas stuff guys did years ago. Same thing hold true to you dick. There are modern strategies and products that have changed the game – and penis confusion is one of them!

Penis pumps are lame. Not only lame, but tons of guys screw up their dicks using them. Search on the Internet and you will see all kinds of examples. I was very skeptical when I tried penis pumps and only tried them a few times and did it very easy. I knew it wasn’t natural and you could pull a dick muscle if you went crazy and pumped hard. Stay away from them as they can really screw you up and cause damage. Trust me if they worked or provided pleasure I would be the first guy saying do it, do it – I like to make my cock happy – but penis pumps suck.

Shit I feel like a scientist, but a lot of this stuff is science. L-Arginine is an amino acid, all-natural, that produces nitric oxide in your system. You need nitric oxide to get a boner. The guy that discovered this a UCLA professor actually won a Nobel Prize for this discovery. Anyway, here is what I do. Twice a year I go to the drug store and get a bottle of pure L-Arginine and I take double the dosage (so I take about 3,000 mg a day) until the bottle is done. It takes two weeks.

What this does is jump-start my system and feels fucking great!!! It like “swoles” your cock or pumps it up without a pump. Just do it twice a year no more. Great benefits! L-Arginine is cheap and at every store that sells vitamins.

Now I think both these pills are great. Both work super well – each a little different. But don’t take them too often!! Your body will get dependent on them and you will lose your ability to get a boner eventually. Plus there are some health side effects. I know young guys now are taking Viagra like crazy to get a rock hard boner to do some damage and impress the little ho’s they are fucking – but try not to do it too much. It messes with the capillaries of your cock and “deaden” them so they are unresponsive in the future. I love Viagra and Cialis for what they do for guy but I DON’T TOUCH THEM!! I only use natural shit. So don’t burn out on Viagra – it a real problem so be careful. Use it only for special occasions or not at all.

See I know how to get larger! I told you I had 6 secrets and I have 9! Nine is actually an important number because that is the size I recommend most guys stop at. I am always asked (see my FAQ’s by the way – super informative) what is the ideal size? How big should I get? The answer is 9 inches, anything biggest is really hard for most chicks – not all of course, but your to your average girl 9” inches is a fucking Anaconda.

I take Vitamin E to increase the amount of jizz I shoot. Again its science. This is an old trick actually. Be around for years. John Holms used to snort some blow and pop Vitamin E all fucking day. That’s why his loads were fucking huge, and the blow is why he died. Sad. Anyway, Vitamin E – take double recommend daily does for like a weak then look at how much you produce when you cum – big, big difference!!