Sneaky tricks to make your penis bigger! And my 1 weird tip to make it biger, faster!
When girls together they talk about their boydriends

Look we live in a “Super Size Everything” world these days. I mean everything has to be bigger. The Big Gulp, giant cheeseburgers at fast food places, breast implants make women bigger (a good thing), bigger houses, athletes are bigger – everything is bigger. Well, in the area of penis size, size is so important to women it is amazing.

Now about 2% of the population was born with gifted genetics and you are already over 9 inches. If this is the case, I wouldn’t recommend you getting any bigger. But you should pay close attention to my tip to make sure your penis works well into your old age.

The great news for average-sized guys, and below average sized guys is that you can get bigger, and I mean add significant size, enough that you and your lover will notice a big difference.


Why is a bigger penis important? The straight no Bullshit answer, from a guy who has spent his life banging women and being around women who have shared their sex secrets with me is that size matters to women. When girls get together and talk about their boyfriends, or lovers, or husbands, they all ask “How big is he?” “Does he have a big dick?” Just like when you and your buddies talk about your friend's girlfriend – you say “ she’s hot or she’s a dog, or nice tits, nice ass, or she’s a pig I wouldn’t fuck her with Ron Jeremy’s dick!” You know what I mean, physical appearance, especially when it comes to sex is important.

Look at me, I’m not exactly Brad Pitt, but my dick is enormous and I’m nice and friendly and honest, so it has worked out pretty well. If I had a small dick – might have been a different story. So let me tell you how you can make your dick as big as humanly possible given your set of genetics:

You want to get as big as you can and make sure your penis works for as long as possible. I have been telling younger guys for years – long before Viagra came out that it’s important to “take care" of your penis, because I knew many old guys who got E.D. – that’s before Viagra made it a household word. I’m telling you to get big and stay big and have your erections be the same when you're 58 as they were when you were 21 requires some strategy and tips. So I’ll let you know how to do it.

Here are my 6 sneaky tricks to getting a brigger penis without surgery

The Days of getting penis surgery are gone. I know Dr. Joel Kaplan the doctor who did more dick operations than anyone. But now its all science, pills and my simple secrets.


Use It Regularly

Think of your penis like a racehorse. You have to exercise it every day, even if it’s just a few laps around the track. For a racehorse to compete in the Kentucky Derby he has to run and train every day. A champion horse can’t go a few weeks without exercising.

the dangers of masturbation

You have to use your penis. Ideally, you use it getting laid - but if you don't get laid regularly, then make sure you are masturbating to keep the tissue in shape.

So when I say use it regularly I mean have sex!! If you don’t have someone to sleep with you should masturbate. You should do so at least 3 times a week. What this does, and why it is important is that it gets the blood flowing throughout your penis, which keeps your penis in shape. I know it might sound silly to talk about keeping your penis “in shape”, but believe me it's real. You have to think about it like this. I read an alarming statistic once - a Dr. Pierre Ducant discovered that the average penis shrinks 19.8% over time. So if you don’t keep it in shape it shrinks.

Ideally, you want to have sex 3 to 5 times a week to keep your penis fit. If this is impractical, then try and masturbate 3 times a week like I mentioned.


The Influence of Testosterone

You can’t turn on the TV or radio these days without getting bombarded with ads for testosterone. There is testosterone cream, testosterone shots, testosterone pellets, testosterone patch and testosterone pills. All this shit about Low T. Do you want to know what these ads are really talking about – they are talking about your dick!! The reason testosterone is so popular is it makes your sex life better because your dick works better when you have more testosterone (not too much like the steroid heads – but normal T levels). Free testosterone is what makes your dick bigger and harder and thicker so you can pound the shit of a chick. The secret has to do with the testosterone in your body. Specifically, the answer lies in the balance or ratio of “free” testosterone vs. “bound” testosterone. This is the key. Let me explain:

Not only is testosterone the primary sex hormone in men, but it also regulates your body’s physical appearance, and affects numerous pathways and systems in your body, including penis size. Your body has two types of testosterone: “free” testosterone that circulates throughout your body “freely” (thus the name “free” testosterone) and the other is “bound” testosterone (which is attached or “bound” to proteins in your body).

Bound testosterone accounts for 90-95% of the testosterone in your body, while free testosterone normally accounts for the remaining 5-10%. Now, science has discovered that the more free testosterone in your body, the larger your penis becomes. So the key is to convert some of the bound into free!!

Bound testosterone is either attached or “bound” to Albumin (the main protein in the fluid part of blood) or it is “bound to a specific binding protein known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). The binding between the testosterone and the Albumin is not very strong and can easily be freed up with compounds that are targeted to turn this bound testosterone into free testosterone. That is the secret to making your penis bigger! That is the key. This is because the more free testosterone you have the more that is transported to the two chambers of the penis resulting in more expansion and greater capacity. So if you do not have naturally high levels of free testosterone, the “trick” is to trigger the release of bound testosterone and convert it into free testosterone, which then makes its way to your penis! Bill Nye the Science Guy was never this interesting!

All the top pills work on your testosterone and blood flow. A lot of these companies have all this mumbo jumbo scientific sounding stuff to make their pills sound better than the next companies – but it all comes down to testosterone and blood flow. My favorite pill Rexavar for example blows open your dick with massive blood flow, and follows it up with a tidal wave of testosterone triggers to scrap loose all the free testosterone in your body and aim it towards your pecker. That’s all this stuff is. They can dress it up and call it some slick scientific sounding name – but this is what it does and why testosterone is so important. Check out the top 2 – Rexavar and Longinexx – they all have different sounding slick marketing angles – but they are all about testosterone. Look at the shit pills – they just focus on blood flow alone and skip testosterone or they just throw a bunch of worthless herbs at you. No testosterone – no big dick – it’s that simple.

One of the most startling breakthroughs comes from the world's number one expert on testosterone - Harvard M.D. Dr. Abraham Morgentaler. In his book, Testosterone for Life, on page 31 he first mentions how there are testosterone receptors in the the two chambers of the penis known as the corpus cavernosa. This proves that testosterone enhancement can affect your penis making it harder, bigger, all those other wonderful things. In the past the focus in male enhancement has alway been on nitric oxide enhancement and blood flow, both of which are important, but not as significant as testosterone enhancement. Remember, testosterone is what makes a man a man. So enhancing free testosterone is vital. The lesson is that testosterone definitely plays a major role in male enhancement. See the highlighted sentence below.


Beware Of Penis Pumps & Dangeruous Products!


You think I'm kidding about testing products and analyzing their ingredients - I'm NOT! This stuff is serious. Even TMZ reported about MMA star Waylon Lewis and how his penis got destroyed by a dangerous product.

Pumps can be a good thing, and they can be a very, very bad thing. Regular or long term pump use is not recommended. Excessive use of a penis pump can cause nerve damage, capillary damage, and vein damage – a lot of damage. So I say stay away. However, on the plus size a pump can be a nice experience for a lot of guys. Some of them feel pretty good, and they can get you looking bigger for a bit. But the real problem with this is it is done from the OUTSIDE not the INSIDE like a supplement. The swelled up larger look you can get with a pump is only temporarily and soon fades because it is as I mentioned an external force. Supplements make changes to your size from inside your body – this is a big difference.

male organs

Pumps can be fun if you don't use them too much. Abuse a pump and you can get a condition called "Curved Penis." It happens more than you think - so go easy on the pumps.

So if you like the pump, don’t overdo it or you’ll never get big. Do it for fun from time to time and you should be okay.

Ideally, you want to have sex 3 to 5 times a week to keep your penis fit. If this is impractical, then try and masturbate 3 times a week like I mentioned. If you can get laid everyday – or more than once everyday – even better – but 3 to 5 times a weak will keep you in the game.

man's pump

Lay Off The Viagra, Cialis & Levitra


Don’t take drugs! I don’t want to sound like some high school principle, because I’m not (Although I do have my Masters in education and was a teacher in New York before starting my film career) - but stay off the pharmaceutical boner pills. They are synthetic drugs and they can do more harm than good. They mess up the tiny veins in your dick if you use them too much and then you got problems! Plus you build up a tolerance like you do with any medication.

If you haven’t heard the news the U.S. Patent office did not give Viagra the entire patent they wanted because they said it was basically the exact same thing as a certain extract from Horny Goat Weed (HGW). What does that tell you! It means they just copied the key part of the herb, made a synthetic drug copy of the structure and called it Viagra and made billions. Herbs work - I should say good herbs work, and these scientists at these big pharmaceutical companies know it. Most HGW is junk – but there are a dozen or so we have found that work great. One of our lab tests is for Icariin – this is the key marker for HGW potency.

So stay off Viagra it will make you dependent, it is causing all kinds of side effects, and in the long run will not make you bigger – it only makes you temporarily harder. This goes for Levitra and Cialis as well – stay away – I have never even tried them! Hard to believe but true. My penis health is too important to me – so stay away. If you want a Viagra alternative (it won’t make your dick bigger – just help you get it up fast) go to any Wal Mart and get a bottle of Zyrexin it’s like $10 - $15 and will give you wood.


Penis Confusion

You have to push yourself occasionally when you exercise so you don’t get into the same routine. They call it “Muscle Confusion.” You do your exercises differently all the time to confuse your muscles and therefore exercise parts of them in a fashion that they are not used to, and this “confusion” makes them stronger. It’s true and it works.

The same is true for your penis. Every once in a while after you have just finished having sex and shot your load, you should do it again as fast as possible. Now it can be within 30 minutes and that is fine. What this does is change the “set point” of your penis tissue. Your penis is all relaxed after it had an orgasm, then if you start having sex again, it is working parts of your penis that normally don't get worked like it will when you do this. This stretches the penis and makes its size or capacity bigger. It’s a great little secret. “Penis confusion” can help.


Vitamin E Bottles

The more sperm you produce and manufacture, the more pleasurable your orgasm, but it also makes your penis larger. A key nutrient for this is vitamin E. You will read about a bunch of other natural products to increase the amount of sperm you ejaculate, but the key is simply vitamin E. Just go to the drug store get some vitamin E and start taking 3 times the recommended dosage for about a week. Then look at your orgasm - there will be a whole heck of a lot more there.


This Vitamin E supplementation also helps make you bigger and thicker. When you have an orgasm there are muscles that contract while at the same time you ejaculate. The increase in sperm volume lengthens the time your muscles contract and makes those muscles bigger and stronger.

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1 sneaky trick


Okay guys here is one weird fact that a doctor friend of mine told me, that will help you make your dick bigger, FASTER! It involves a simple little glass of grapefruit juice.

Here is the deal – when you take pills to make your dick bigger – I don’t care which one you take this trick works with all of them – take it with a glass of grapefruit juice. Here is what the doctor told me and I swear it works great:

There are hundreds of chemicals in grapefruit juice. It’s a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber and is very good for you. But the key thing is that it can increase the absorption of your pills and make them up to 50% more effective. What it does it binds to an enzyme in your intestinal track known as CYP3A4, which reduces the absorption of certain medications and supplements. So when the grapefruit juice blocks the enzyme, it’s easier for the ingredients in the pill to pass from your gut to your bloodstream and you absorb more of the active ingredients - the ingredients designed to make your dick bigger or harder.

It doesn’t take much grapefruit juice to boost the levels. A single small glass of like 5 ounces can produce a 47% reduction of the intestinal enzyme that regulates absorption. And because the effect of the juice wears off slowly, a third of its impact is still evident after 24 hours. What all this means is that more of the important ingredients in the top pills are absorbed better and you get more of an impact. It will help your dick get bigger a lot faster. It might sound weird – but it's rock solid science and it works! So when you take your pills – take them with grapefruit juice!!

- Ron Jeremy

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