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Despite changes to formula it still makes the Top5.
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SizeGenix's powerful functional compounds have been shown in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to not only increase erection size and strength when taken daily on an empty stomach, but to help participants actually reach a higher free testosterone level than the placebo group, a sign of erection size increase at the tissue level. Participants saw an 84% increase in Erectile Quality Score with 32.7% size enhancement, hardness and strength as the leading benefits. sizegenix before and after


Tom Brady studies film. Michael Jordan and Kobe practiced for hours. Shit, Lebron takes only like 3 weeks off then he’s back to practice. Tiger, back when he didn’t suck, played 27 holes a day and hit hundreds of balls and had coach and worked like crazy. I am the same way about my dick. Just like NFL coaches prepare like fucking lunatics working 18-hour days on their game plans – I am a fucking mad man when it comes to my cock and I know my shit better than any person alive. I monitor grow seasons. I know which herbs work. Which are over-rated, what a good pill should do. What to look for in a lab report, how to “stack” pills etc. I know it all. I’m not fucking around, as you will see on this site. So when I say something is shit or something is fucking awesome - you can take it to the bank.


SizeGenix – is the greatest fucking pill I have ever tried. I’m not kidding. The advancements this company has made, the strength of their pill has changed the landscape for all other pills on the market. I don’t see how any other company or any other product is going to beat SizeGenix for many, many years to come. It is light years ahead of anything else I have ever used, and I have used some great pills. My "Top 5 Pills" listed here on my website are all good, all from different companies all slightly different in their formulations and the way they approach penis enhancement, but none of them are in the same league as SizeGenix.

SizeGenix®#1 Product At The AVN Awards!

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sizegenix official website
I’m not going to get super technical. If you want to read all the science and technical shit – you will find it here on my website in other sections. But I am going to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this super dick pill.


In a nutshell – it is 100% safe with no side effects. It’s all-natural. No drugs are in it. I sent is to a lab in Wisconsin to be tested and it scored tremendously well. I’ve been taking it over 8 months now and there are no size effects. So it’s safe.

It was created by a team of researchers and doctor’s lead by a famous Ivy League educated doctor named Dr. Mark Saginor. Prior to this invention his claim to fame was he has been the personal doctor for Hef – Hugh Hefner for over 30 years. I know he has made Hef all kinds of personal dick pills for years. So that’s a good sign. The doctors making the dick pills for the second most famous dick in the world created this product. Well maybe Hef’s dick is more famous than mine. But the point is – this doctor is not some clown herbalist or some regular doctor – this guy is the “man” next to the “man!” He is the “Guru” of the industry. The Steve Jobs of penis pills.

The pills work and has added inches to my cock. It’s true. My dick is longer and wider than it has ever been – ever. I’m getting more compliments about my cock than I was getting when I was making 15 movies a week! So, YES, your cock will get bigger. I guarantee it. (See my before and after photos) And it’s not just me that uses it. Many and I mean like many, many other adult film stars are using SizeGenix. Some will admit it and have no problem saying it. I put their pictures here. Some won’t admit it. Okay, that’s their choice. I can also tell you that many athletes and other celebrities like singers, rappers, and TONS of pro athletes as I mentioned take this stuff. I still go out most nights in Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills to all the fun, cool shit and private parties and big celebrates are no different than guys in high school.
sizegenix review

Tommy Gunn:“Like Lifting Weights For Your Dick.”

"I'm the most dialed in guy in adult films when it comes to fitness and supplements. This is the pill I use. This is the real deal and will help even non professionals more than pros. Guys looking to get big and perform longer should take SizeGenix®. I rate it as my number one pill. This pill is like lifting weights for your dick - seriously it makes it bigger, strong, and less likely to get worn out."
All we talk about is pussy and tits and who you fucked and how many and how do you last longer and how to you make your cock bigger and that kind of shit. It’s true. Read my autobiography and I name celebrities and they call me and ask about making their cocks bigger and sex life better. Pretty cool life actually. Not bad for a “Hedgehog” as they call me. No fair, but fuck it what am I going to do.

Why is SizeGenix so much better than other pills? We know it’s safe. There are no side effects. It costs about $35 a bottle and lasts a month, or longer depending on how you take it. We know it will make your dick bigger. These are all great things – but how does it do it? There are two main reasons; the quality of ingredients and the delivery system. That’s it – that’s the key. What I’m saying is they use the best grade ingredients and they have a way of getting it into your system so it bypasses your large intestine and hits your penis area – where it can do the most work. This shit is so strong it’s almost like you are taking it intravenously – that’s how strong it is.
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Ron Jeremy:"It's The #1 Male Enhancement Pill of The Decade!"

SizeGenix® – is the greatest fucking pill I have ever tried. I’m not kidding. The advancements this company has made, the strength of their pill has changed the landscape for all other pills on the market. I don’t see how any other company or any other product is going to beat SizeGenix for many, many years to come. It is light years ahead of anything else I have ever used, and I have used some great pills.
If you have never taken a top flight, highly concentrated nutraceutical pill, it will feel a little weird at first. Some guys are taken aback a bit and it makes you feel a little flush and warm. Trust me this is a good thing. It lets’ you know the pills are working. Most pills are like eating a bag of popcorn – you don’t notice anything. If you have ever tried another male enhancement, or “dick pill” as I call them that didn’t work, you will know what I mean. That is because most of them are powered and cheap. Like a cheap hamburger compared to a big thick aged New York strip steak. The difference is fucking incredible. So be warned, it will make you feel a little different and some guys are actually a little uncomfortable for the first week or so.

Rocco Siffredi:"SizeGenix® Is The Best Thing To Happen To Porn"

"I never took pills as a young performer. Now I do. I wish this pill was around 25 years ago because it is the best. SizeGenix® makes everything the better. Fuck, shoot, hard and power - this pill does it all the best!"
sizegenix male enhancement The key ingredients in the pills are: Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginine, Long Jack, Vitis Vinifera and Long Pepper Extract. There are other ingredients in the product – but these are the “All Stars” so to speak. The other stuff is just transport herbs and amplifiers – but these 5 do the heavy lifting. There are 60 capsules in a bottle. You take it on an empty stomach. If you read my “Six Secrets” you know that whether you take SizeGenix or any of the other pills I have recommended you should take them with a glass of grapefruit juice since it increase the absorption – trust me it works.

In the final analysis, the bottom, bottom line is - SizeGenix is the real deal. I personally take it every day. It will transform your dick like no other pill ever invented – or at least no other pill I have ever heard of. You can go to their website and get a lot more detailed information than what I have given you, but no one will tell you like it is compared to others. I have tried them all. I have been at it for years and if there is one product I would recommend for you it’s this one. Or if you are buying these for your husband or boyfriend – you will not be disappointed. SizeGenix has set a new gold standard for what a penis enlargement pill should do for you. It’s already as smash hit in LA and in pro sports, and in the next 18 to 24 months I believe it will be talked about more than Viagra and Cialis. It is a game changer. You can get a bigger dick and almost as important – well maybe not almost as important because nothing feels better than having a big cock – but something else it does - it gives you confidence in yourself. Confidence not just in the bedroom and fucking broads, but also in life you actually feel better because you know you are as long as you can be and any chick you fuck won’t believe how big your cock is. You will spring out of bed in the morning happy and excited every day. It’s a great feeling to have a massive manhood. Makes every day better!

It is sold in some GNC stores and you can also get SizeGenix directly from the company at or by calling them directly at 1-800-801-0403. I would recommend that you order now. I can tell you from personal experience this pill will change your life – just like it has changed my life and the life of many of my friends. Grab it today!