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Lab Reports:

            This page is the most important on my website. And it's the page everyone in the penis pill industry is very upset about because most of the pills are worthless and these lab reports prove it. Companies are screaming at me for exposing them. If I never tested these products no one would have ever found out! But screw the bad guys selling shit pills - they should be exposed!

            Independent laboratory analysis and tests tell you exactly what is inside a pill and whether the product contains excellent ingredients, average ingredients or poor quality ingredients. You can't tell from an advertisement, a product label or from a website what the quality of ingredients are, because all the companies claim their product to be the best. But lab reports don't lie - they tell you what is really in a product. These laboratory tests cost me a small fortune, but it was well worth it. The results were a real eye-opener to many guys. It's no surprise that the products that work the best, did the best in the lab tests.

Below you will see the lab report of my Top 5 Rated Pills (SizeGenix Extreme, SizeGenix, Transformn-XXL, Vaso-Ultra, Size Focus) along with the lab reports of many of the most popular well known pills including:

about the lab

I used America number one testing laboratory. They area billion dollar company. The FBI and FDA uses them. It cost me a fortune, but it is the only way to know which products are good and which are crap. Covance - Solutions Made Real
  • SizeGenix Extreme
  • SizeGenix
  • Transformn-XXL
  • Vaso Ultra
  • Size Focus
  • Extenze
  • Extenze Black
  • Enzyte
  • Libido Max
  • Zytenz
  • TenGenix
  • Apexatropin
  • BioManix
  • PHGH
  • Testo-Vital
  • Xanogen
  • VirMax T
  • T-Male
  • High-T Black

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SizeGenix Extreme

Tribulus Terrestris is one of the key ingredients in SizeGenix Extreme. The "active component" of Tribulus Terrestris is a steroidal saponin called Protodioscin. It is found in a number of plants, with Tribulus Terrestris being the most famous. The more Protodioscin the pill has the more potent it is. A very good score for Protodioscin is normally around 15 mg to 20 mg per pill or 30 mg to 40 mg per dose. Tribulus Terrestris is what stimulates the release of free testosterone in your body which greatly contributes to the hardness and penis size enhancements.

Lab Report - SizeGenix Extreme

I put a chart below this report that shows you some of the so-called top testosterone pills used by men looking to add muscle and make their erections harder so you can see their scores. Then look at the score for SizeGenix Extreme. It's off the charts high. It scored just over 40 mg of Protodioscin per pill. Unless you're a chemist you won't know how great a score this is. It would be like a guy scoring 100 points in a basketball game or throwing 8 TD passes in one football game. It's incredible. Regular SizeGenix had 31 mg per pill and that was excellent, but 40 mg is off the charts. Keep in mind that is "per capsule" and the dose is two capsules, so you are getting 80 mg per dose. Do you think this is going to make your erections harder and bigger - you bet your ass it will.

The reason I test for Tribulus Terrestris is that it is a very hard ingredient to get so most companies use cheap stuff. If a company uses quality stuff - you know the rest of the ingredients in their formula will be top-notch as well. When you see the cold hard facts of a lab report you can understand why this product is flying off the shelves. It's the number one seller and number one reordered product we sell here at the store on our website.


While obviously not as strong as their Extreme version, "regular" SizeGenix is still a fantastic product. Some men actually prefer it over the stronger Extreme version since the Extreme version is quite strong and men don't want to see such sudden dramatic changes, so they go a little slower with SizeGenix. It was the number one pill on the market until they released their stronger Extreme version. But be warned, the Extreme version is quite strong.

Here too, I tested for the Tribulus Terrestris marker Protodioscin and it got a score of 31 mg which is outstanding. Now remember, that's 31 mg per pill, so each does is still a super high-powered 62 mg a dose!! It's no wonder this was my #1 rated pill for over an entire year. It would still be number one if Extreme hadn't come along. This will produce great results.

Lab Report - SizeGenix


Tribulus Terrestris is the number one product listed on their ingredients, and as you see in the lab test the score for Protodioscin's were excellent! While many products don't even give you 1 mg, Transform-XXL delivers over 53mg per dose! Super laboratory result!
Remember, Tribulus Terrestris is proven statistically and in clinical studies to significantly increase the level of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and dehyrdoepiandrosterone while also triggering the release of nitric oxide in the chambers of your penis. That is why it is so popular and why so many men love it. We gets lots of re-orders for Transform-XXL here on the website store!

Lab Report - Transform-XXL

Vaso Ultra

The lead ingredient in Vaso Ultra is Tribulus Terrestris. They have it listed as the very first and most prominent ingredient in their formula. So I had it tested to see how much Protodioscins it contains. The lab tests showed that is had an excellent score or 22.4 mg of Protodioscin per capsule. Remember, Tribulus Terrestris is proven statistically and in clinical studies to significantly increase the level of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and dehyrdoepiandrosterone while also triggering the release of nitric oxide in the chambers of your penis. That is why it is so popular and why so many men love it. Vaso Ultra has excellent levels as this lab test proves. Excellent product.

Lab Report - Vaso Ultra

Size Focus

Another winner in the lab. Size Focus did a great job "focusing" on their ingredients as this lab report illustrates. The Protodioscin score is a rock solid 37.3 mg a dose. This Top 5 Winner will definitely give you some massive results!

Lab Report - Size Focus


Check out this lab report and you will see why this product doesn't work as they claim. I had it tested for Tribulus Terrestris and is scored a < 19.3 mcg. That means it detected less than 1 mg. So in other words is has like ZERO Protodioscin saponins in the formula. The company apparently spends all their money on slick ads and fancy websites while the actual formula is worthless crap. Lab reports don't lie my friends. If you used this product and it didn't work for you - now you know why.

Lab Report - Apexatropin


Check out this lab report and you will see why Xanogen is a crock of shit. They run a video where guy who calls himself "Ron" claims to have grown his penis 4" in 4 weeks. Nothing can do that. Don't kid yourself. No pill, not even SizeGenix Extreme is going to add 4" inches in 4 weeks because it is IMPOSSIBLE. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's the truth. You can get way bigger, but 4" in 4 weeks . . . cut the shit, that's pure fantasy.

So I had Xanogen tested for Tribulus Terrestris and is scored a < 35.5 mcg. So in other words it has like ZERO Protodioscin saponins in the formula. ZERO. The company apparently spends all their money on slick ads and fancy websites and fake videos while the actual formula is worthless crap. Lab reports don't lie my friends. If you used this product and it didn't work for you - now you know why. The lab report says it all.

Lab Report - Xanogen


What a shock that the scumbags running a credit card scam have a product that got a horrible lab score. Just look, this scam product has less than 3mcg of Prostodioscin!! What a joke. Compare that to a top product. Total scam and a worthless bottle of cheap powder!

Lab Report - Testo Vital


Extenze is perhaps the most famous well-known male enhancement supplement of the last 15 years. In fact, I worked with this company about 12 years ago when their formula was on the cutting edge. Unfortunately, after much tinkering, Extenze has changed their formula for the worse... The Prostodioscin on the lab reports showed almost nothing- a whopping 12.5 mcg. I expected more out of one of the most well-known companies in the business.

Lab Report - Extenze

Extenze Black

Perhaps the number one selling male enhancement pill of all time is Extenze. So this is their "extra strong" version, but the lab score indicates it's not much better than the regular Extenze - which did terrible. This one is very poor as well. There was literally no Prostodioscins detected. This is the absolute definition of a scam.

Lab Report - Extenze

Libido Max

One of the best selling in drugstores and GNC. Well take a look at their lab report and see what a terrible score it got. So I had Libido-Max tested for Tribulus Terrestris. If you look at the score it looks like they got 15 mg per pill - which is good. But look closely. Their score was 15.1 mcg - mcg - is less than mg - it means it doesn't even have 1 mg. In other words it has like ZERO Protodioscin saponins in the formula. Just another worthless rip-off sitting on the shelves of famous stores all over the country. People probably think it must be a great product or else it wouldn't be in so many respected stores. But it took little ole' porn legend Ron Jeremy to expose this crap! Like I said, I have been doing this for years and I know what works and what doesn't. This product won't do shit for you.

Lab Report - Libido Max


Here is another product sold in nearly every drug store in America. The lab test is even worse than Libido-Max. The test shows a score was 0 Prostodioscins - This is even worse than Libido-Max. Again no one in the country would know this if I didn't do the report.

Lab Report - T-Strong

High T Black

This product sells at GNC for $64.99 a bottle and wait until you see it's lab report score. It can't hold a candle to the top products that made my Top 5 Pills of The Year. This product looks all slick and has placement in GNC and all the Madison Avenue advertising, but it doesn't have the lab results! So don't waste your money!

Check it out. I had it tested for Tribulus Terrestris and Protodioscin saponins, and the expensive lab test (these cost big $$) shows it only has 19.1 mg in each serving! What a rip! Under 20 mg and they charge you $65. See what I mean when I say you can't judge a product by its advertising. And as low as this score is, it's really not as bad as the many products that scored ZERO - the total frauds selling you rice power or some other worthless herb. Lab reports don't lie and it's a great evaluation tool to help you to determine which pill can really work for you.

Lab Report - High T Black


Lab reports don't lie and this shows PHGH is not a powerful formula at all. Just look at the score for Protodioscin - 0.600 mcg. Thats a joke.

Lab Report - PHGH


This widely sold product produced a disappointing lab score. Only 8.22 mcg or Protodioscin.

Lab Report - zytenz


Another product that has a terrible lab score. Only has 5.96 mcg of Protodioscin.

Lab Report - Testogenix

Tribulus Fuel

This was a shocker. The product is from the big company Twin Lab and it has tribulus in its name! Yet the score was an embarrassment - not even 1 mg. Shocker

Lab Report - Tribulus Fuel


The most famous spokesperson in the history of male enhancement is of course Smilin' Bob - from the funny Enzyte commercials. Well the real laugh is this lab report! Yikes... it has less than 1 mg of Protodioscins! Not much to smile about Bob.

Lab Report - Enzyte


Sold in drugstore all over America. Got a very porto score. Not even 1 mg of Protodiscin. A very low 309 mcg.

Lab Report - Virmax


The fact of this lab report shows this product contains very little active ingredients. The Protodioscin score is only 75.89 mcg per dose.

Lab Report - Biomanix


This product got a decent score. It is very hard to have high potency Protodioscin in a product. Most as you see don't even have 1 mg. This product got just under 5 mg. Not great - but better than most.

Lab Report - T-Male

Libido Booster Extreme

Another product that didn't get even 1 mg. Recorded a very low 163 mcg.

Lab Report - Libido Booster Extreme

Lucky 7

You won't get much luck with this product according to its lab score. It has 15 mcg - that's not even 1 mg - mcg is less than mg - so this product has basically no protodioscin.

Lab Report - Lucky 7


A very disappointing score for this widely sold product. Just because a product is sold at Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aide doesn't mean its the best, as this poor lab score illustrates. Less then 4 mg of Protodioscin - not good.

Lab Report - Vitali-T-Aid

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